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SOP newswire2

Your Brain is Worth Saving - Try This! - Learn a new instrument, start quilting, build a model airplane, or get going on those carpentry projects you`ve been putting off.

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Andrew Neu with "Chez Cool" - The musical conversations that flow throughout the CD create an electric energy that rivals what fans would expect at a live concert.

TN Attorney Faces Disbarment for Misconduct - Attorney Peter J. Alliman is currently under investigation by the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility a division of the Tennessee Supreme Court

Christmas vs. Thanksgiving - America once was content in allowing civil authorities to select and define its holidays. With the increasing influence of groups which use the courts to challenge any comingling of religion and the function of government

Happy Thanksgiving Day from The SOP - Happy Thanksgiving Day from The SOP

Proofreading Is A Dying Art! - Check Out Some of These Ridiculous Newspaper Headlines!

'It's OK Wish Me A Merry Christmas - With over 200,000 buttons on the streets and in stores this year, local store associates are likely to be presented with the opportunity

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring 4EVA with Santa Keep it Hood - Started spittin' at the age of 9, 4EVA heralded almost instantly as a LEADING FEMALE rap voice outta ELM CITY, CT.

Happy Thanksgiving from The SOP - Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival. Traditionally, it is a time to give thanks for the harvest and express gratitude in general. It is a holiday celebrated primarily in Canada and the United States.

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Tanya aka T6 with 'Love Fade Away" - New single from from Tanya aka T6 called "Love Fade Away" produced by Dame Grease!

The Swine Flu Vaccine Distributed in Canada May be Lethal - 172. OOO doses of swine flu vaccine distributed within Canada seems to be contaminated and may trigger lethal allergic reactions. The producer GlaxoSmithKline has called back the vaccine to re-test it

30 Year Tradition Fights The Erosion of Christmas - "This remains the sole religious expression of Christmas on a government plaza in downtown Chicago," said Hodges. "The God Squad,

American Muslims Will Eat Their Turkey - American Muslims have a double blessing this year. They are marking both events, Thanksgiving and the end of Hajj, with activities that stress sharing with others and the importance of

¡Ay Papacito! Nuevo servicio de citas y coqueteo en línea genera un gran volumen de noviazgos de acuerdo a - La aplicación Papacito se propone capitalizar en las interacciones humanas prevalecientes en las redes sociales en línea,

Church Defies Police - As the Chinese government continues to repress house churches and human rights defenders, members of the

Circumcised at Birth Without My Knowledge - Speaking of psychological effects, I used to have recurring nightmares of losing a body part or faculty until I confronted, at the age of 25, the horror of what had been done to me and what I was missing.

Important Information About The Male Foreskin - I am from the UK and 66yrs old. My foreskin was removed and binned by a doctor when I was between two and three years old.

MOD: MANOWAR on Demand! - MOD is a service offered exclusively on the Kingdom of Steel website and features MANOWAR movies and videos that fans can download and own.

Hijab and Playing Rugby In Kashmir - Saliah, who recently captained the national rugby team, has earned a rare honour: She is one of the two Kashmiri girls to qualify for the first phase of an International Rugby Board course. Saba Akhtar, 17

Holiday Chemicals, Apple Fears, Fat Students, and Flu - Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season this week, and ACSH's Holiday Dinner Menu takes a look at the festive cuisine that makes this time of year so special.


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