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SOP newswire2

Breaking News: Teen Burned by Teens Prognosis Negative - Michael Brewer, remains on a ventilator in Jackson Memorial Ryder Hospital's burn unit.

What do you Say to Someone Who is Grieving? - When we lose someone we love, we are often overwhelmed by the strong emotions and confusion that come like tidal waves in our lives.

Right-Wing Reps Call Muslims 'Spies' - The claim was quickly denounced as "racist" and "insidious" by the Council on American-Islamic Relations,

Fernando Del Rincon Cambia Las Camaras De Television Por La Pasarela - El periodista y conductor de Paparazzi TV Sensacional sera una de las estrellas invitadas a desfilar en el evento Magia de la Moda Live de la Revista Vanidades

Northrop Grumman on the Radar for More Than 60 Years - DaCunha noted that the company has sold more than 150,000 marine radar sets in almost every country of the world since the first product appeared in 1949.

What is Glenn Beck's Fascination With Nazis? - Beck has repeatedly compared Obama to Hitler, claimed his policies are leading America toward Nazi Germany

H1N1 Vaccines and E-Cigs, plus Irradiation, Zoning, Calories, and COOL - We have a crowded honorary breakfast table this morning, as the topic of vaccines weighs on everyone's minds.

Members Speak Out About Recent Right Wing Attacks On ACORN - "I know first hand how important community organizing and community organizations like ACORN are to getting real change, to make real change. The kind of change we need in this country going forward will really take the members, the rank and file of unions

Tea Parties Say No Amnesty Nationwide - The Obama administration's gutting of key immigration and border security programs combined with a push for amnesty legislation by the Hispanic Caucus in Congress

Forty Five Percent NREGA Workers are Old and Destitute - Please don't write about us. We will not get even this work and the little money we get," pleads Saraswatiamma, pausing under the hot mid-day sun

CAIR Calls on FBI to Investigate Bias Motivated Vandalism - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on the FBI to investigate bias-motivated vandalism of a Houston, Texas, mosque.

Ordinary People Finding Small Miracles - Askin Ozcan relates thirty stunning miraculous incidents from his life in different countries, in his book "SMALL MIRACLES"

Historic Space Station Increment: Padalka and Barratt Spent 199 days in Space - Padalka, the Soyuz commander, guided the spacecraft to a parachute-assisted landing at 12:32 a.m. EDT at a site northeast of the town of Arkalyk.

Abbas Supports Using "All Means" to Free Terrorists in Israeli Prisons - Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas says that the PA will continue to use "all means" to release all Palestinian prisoners remaining in Israeli prisons.

UK School Bans Kirpan Forcing Sikh Out of School - "The Compton School's decision is a blow to religious freedom in Barnet schools whilst schools throughout the UK have accommodated Sikh students who wear a Kirpan.

Understanding The Ardi Fossil Deception with Dr. Oktar Babuna - Darwinists have recently been chasing around after fossils discovered decades ago.

Response to Transgender Rights in Pakistan by Zofeen T. Ebrahim - Thank you for taking the time to review this letter. I would appreciate hearing back from you regarding a story that was recently released on one of the SOP outlets regarding Transgender Rights in Pakistan by Zofeen T. Ebrahim.

Health Care: Battleground or Common Ground? - Key Health Care Proposals Get Bipartisan Public Support Despite Debate's Increased Political Polarization

H1N1 Vaccines, Soda, Fried Foods, and BPA All Look a Bit Safer Today - Today's Wall Street Journal features an op-ed by Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent explaining various fallacies behind the notion that soda is a central cause of the nation's obesity epidemic.

American Muslims Becoming a Force in Politics - "This is the constituency that candidates today really have to address," says Arsalan Bukhari who is the Seattle President for CAIR.


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