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SOP newswire2

Letter To Cardinal Mahony: Your Eminence - We acknowledge the merit of many Jews who are moral and upright in their aspirations, but we also acknowledge that this orthodoxy is due to

250,000 Baby Seals in a Graveyard - Observing and documenting the hunt is not easy or inexpensive work. It means hours of flying over icy Atlantic waters searching for sealing boats.

ABC, Inc. Suit for Assault for "Stop Bush" Sign - The assailant wasn't your typical pro-war goon. He was and remains an ABC News employee. Mr. Jereski was holding a sign saying "Stop Bush".

Plants that Poison Pets - Lilies, chrysanthemum, sago palm "did you know that these popular plants can poison your pet? In honor of National

GOP Wants 'Payback' Against CAIR For Believing In Allah? - In a letter delivered to the FBI on Monday, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) said he is deeply disappointed " in the agency`s insufficient response " to an earlier letter

A Music Experience of a Lifetime - The first 100 audition videos uploaded will be given the opportunity to get a step above their competition by having their performance reviewed by Jerkins and his panel of music experts.

Economist Intelligence Unit: The war against tobacco - Attached is the press release with the link of the report for your kind perusal. Please let us know in case you would like to speak to

Cope Freeland's First Artist Album in 6 years: Live Band Tour Dates Announced - Cope Freeland's first artist album in six years, on his own independent Marine Parade label will certainly traffic in the unexpected

With No Bail Out in Sight for Students; Obama Please Give Us Used Books! - In a recent survey, students emphatically voiced their preference for used books when purchasing academic texts and course materials online.

Reggae Sensation Sophia Brown Heads to Hollywood - Reggae songstress Sophia Brown will be heading to Hollywood, California next week to shoot a video for her new single, Weak to You.

Heartwarming Story About a Fairy - A beautiful fairy appeared one day to a destitute refugee claimant outside the Adelaide immigration offices.

Shootings in Germany and the USA: People are Out of Control! - Even if the timing is coincidence, one could wonder why this kind of event seems to happen more and more frequently.

College Football News: Hall of Famer George McAfee Passes Away - Former Duke standout George McAfee, 90, who was in both the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame, died last Wednesday evening in Georgia.

Holi and Milad-Ul-Nabi Mubarak! - Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman of JKNPP today extended greetings to the Hindu and Muslim

The "Unfortunate` Arrest of Lord Nazir Ahmed - Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front UK Zone has termed the arrest of Lord Nazir Ahmed as unfortunate and has said that the decision of court to

EE.UU. continúan consternados por la financiación militar a México - Organización de derechos humanos de la ciudad de Nueva York están decepcionados por la votación de la Cámara de Representantes de los EE.UU.

U.S. Military Funding to Mexico! - Human rights organizers in New York City are disappointed by the U.S. House of Representatives February 25, 2009 vote to approve $300 million in military aid to Mexico

It Is Time To Muzzle The Catholic Church - According to the American TFP, same-sex "marriage" advocates and dissident Catholics are joining forces in

Obama's Socialist Change: Bring It! - BOND Action, Inc., has launched the "Stop Obama's Socialist Change" Campaign and Tour to educate and inform

Rush Limbaugh has 50 million listeners? - The truth is journalists only have a faint idea of how many people listen to Limbaugh's program each week. And until reporters can get some


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