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UN Treaty Draws Criticism from National Leaders and Parents of Children with Disabilities - Michael Farris, founder and chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, highlights the concerns of parents across the country.

Market Meltdown: Will you go Rogue? A Brand New Boardgame - A game only for those with nerves of steel " are you slick and cool enough to resist the widespread panic and make a fortune?

Spanning Generations of Silver Screen and TV Portrayals of Humanity's Exploration of Space - Space Stars: Generations - Lockhart, Shatner, Wheaton Videos Celebrate NASA Spinoff Benefits to Life on Earth

Israel's War Crime in Gaza - The International Criminal Court (ICC) defines the transfer by an occupying power of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies, 'as a War Crime'.

Tis the Season- to tell massive lies to your kids about Santa Claus! - Fake It: More than 100 Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts Every Woman Needs to Know

GOP Needs to Drop John McCain - John McCain Urges GOP to Drop Abortion Issue; Instead, GOP Needs to Drop John McCain

Permafrost Thawing: Reducing Black Carbon Soot Can Cut Rate of Arctic Warming by Two-Thirds - Dangerous feedback loop as existing warming accelerates permafrost thawing

NASA Explores Options for Innovative and Imaginative Uses of Two Large Space Telescopes - What are NASA's goals in astrophysics, heliophysics, planetary sciences, and human spaceflight?

Church Attendance Triples During the Christmas Season - Many families value the singular and joyous experience of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.

Rupa Thermocot Swaha TV Commercial Trivializes Sacred Hindu Terminology - Hindus are concerned about the new Rupa Thermocot Swaha television commercial, which they say trivializes the sacred Hindu terminology.

Falsely Charged and Arrested for Allegedly Raping a Young Girl - Community pastor works to fight against false charges and uncovers evidence of police misconduct, religious persecution, and government refusal to prosecute false accusers

The Original Turducken: How to Beat the Turkey Burnout this Holiday Season - The rush is over. The insanity of Thanksgiving has been put to rest for another year, and the bruises from Black Friday are starting to heal.

What`s Next for Cancer Caregivers? ObamaCare - Cancer strikes without regard to political parties. Over time, one in two men and one in three women will hear the dreaded words, You have cancer." By Deborah J. Cornwall

How Human Body Reacts and Adapts to Harsh Environment of Space - NASA, Roscosmos Assign Veteran Crew to Year-Long Space Station Mission

12 Gifts of Christmas "Tour" Cancelled - "The '12 Gifts of Christmas' tour is truly going to be a fun and faith-filled event for the whole family," said Whelchel

NASA to Improve Digital Communications - NASA is asking the public for thoughts on what the agency should be doing on its website

Tracy Randall Poised to Make Big Impact This Winter - With the goal to reach all audiences both in and out of church, Randall uses his past music industry experience working in mainstream music in creating a project that reaches beyond the walls.

GOD TV to air extraordinary LIVE broadcast - 'Revival Reunion' will be broadcast exclusively on GOD TV at 9pm (EST) on Friday November 30 and will also feature worship led by Lindell Cooley and Lydia Stanley Marrow.

Nov. 24th: The Anniversary of Lee Harvey Oswald's Death - Anniversary of Lee Harvey Oswald's death is Saturday, Nov. 24, and his former lover is asking America to reconsider what they think about him

Thanksgiving is Family Health History Day - Prepare for a Thanksgiving Day family conversation by making a list of relatives including parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and cousins.


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