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SOP newswire2

Hindus Want Immediate Public Apology from Ireland President Michael Daniel Higgins - Hindus seek apology from Ireland President over miscarrying Hindu woman`s death

Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans will Work Together to Eliminate Terrorism in Nigeria - Nigerian Ambassador to the United States the Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans will Work Together to Eliminate Terrorism in Nigeria

Black Friday: Major Retailers Significantly Influenced By Mobile Applications - Mobile Apps to Dictate Consumer Shopping during Black Friday / Cyber Weekend

Kenny Rogers Celebrates Christmas! - Music Icon Kenny Rogers Celebrates 31st Anniversary of Christmas & Hits Tour

Fred Rendon, Jr. Battles PTSD, Helps Other Vets Find Hope with New Book, Echoes of PTSD - Fred Rendon, Jr. woke up after a thirty-year nightmare just five years ago. He jokingly referred to himself as Rip Van Winkle

CAIR Asks FBI to Probe Apparent Bias Attack on NY Muslim - CAIR Asks FBI to Probe Apparent Bias Attack on NY Muslim

Netanyahu Ordered the Brutal Assassination of Palestinian Leader in Gaza - Gaza Israeli violence resulting from illegal land grabs condemned by the UN, EU, UK & the world...By Douglas Reed

Happy Thanksgiving: Tips to Keep the Peace this Holiday Season - You can see it coming...the joy, the stress, the fun, the questions, the arguments. The holiday season is upon us.

NASA Has found Most Distant Galaxy? - NASA's Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes and Nature's Own Natural "Zoom Lenses" Combine Forces

More Employees Use Their Own Smartphones for Work - More Employees Use Their Own Smartphones for Work and Are Less Concerned with Cost of Connectivity " Putting the Enterprise at Risk

Recovering the Self Issue 13 Focuses on Animals and Healing - New issue of the journal Recovering the Self focuses on the healing role of animals in our lives.

Call to Business or Ministry Conference: Helping Christians Succeed - A Christian Vocation Minnesota-based institution of higher learning is helping Christians start their businesses or ministries in less than five weeks or registration in their "Call to Business or Ministry Conference."

Hurricane Sandy: People Are Asking, "Where Was God?" - Are There Really 'Angels All Around Us?' Even in Times of Darkness?

U.S. Muslims Call on President Obama to Demand Ceasefire in Israel - Since Israel began its latest round of attacks on Gaza, a number of Palestinian and Israeli civilians have been killed, including the 11-month-old son of a BBC journalist.

Demonstrators Call on President Obama, Israel, Hamas to End Escalating Violence - Protest Saturday November 17th at 4pm at SC Statehouse to Call for Ceasefire in Gaza

"Diwali" Festival of Lights- the Triumph of Good over Evil - Gibraltar welcomes you all to the Mayor's Parlour to celebrate "Diwali" the Festival of Lights

New Study Gives In-depth Look at Factors Influencing Worldview of Hispanic-Americans - Insights into Fastest-Growing Population Segment in the U.S.

Troops Receive A Sweet Treat From Home Reminding Them of the Gratitude Felt By Their Fellow Americans - Harry & David and Soldiers Angels Bring Joy to Our Troops With Semi-Annual support Our Troops With Moose Munch Bars Program

Dead or Alive? Is the American Church Fading Away? - Will the losses in membership and attendance lead to a marginalized church presence such as that in present-day Europe? What will the American church look like in ten years?

A Fight to Preserve the Gulf Coast: Residents Still Suffering From Aftereffects of Deepwater Horizon - The Largest Criminal Penalty in U.S. History Still Isn`t Enough to Make Bp Pay for Its Crimes Against The Gulf


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