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SOP newswire2

NASA Says Drier Conditions Likely to Cause Increased Fire Activity Across US - Scientists using NASA satellite data and climate models have projected drier conditions likely will cause increased fire activity across the United States in coming decades.

Lindsay Lohan Please Apologize for Racist Gypsy Remarks! - Zed wants Lindsay Lohan to apologize for "racist` Gypsy remarks

SOP Battle of the Bands Features Heyward Howkins with "Praline Country!" - SOP Battle of the Bands Features Heyward Howkins with "Praline Country!" on The SOP Radio Network

'White Christmas' New Holiday Album By Brooke White - WHITE CHRISTMAS is BROOKE`s first full-length offering since the release of acclaimed debut album High Hopes & Heartbreak.

UN Treaty to Submit US Law to International Tribunal To Give Up Sovereignty - Senate Expected to Vote on Tuesday to Surrender U.S. Sovereignty.

NASA Voyager 1 Crosses a Point in Space Called the Termination Shock - NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft has entered a new region at the far reaches of our solar system that scientists feel is the final area the spacecraft has to cross before reaching interstellar space.

Israeli Government Needs to Scrap the EU-Israel Association Agreement, Now! - The Israeli government only understands two factors: economics and power, and without the hugely profitable, bilateral trade with the EU market, it has neither.

First Martian Soil Samples Fully Analyzed by NASA - NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has used its full array of instruments to analyze Martian soil for the first time, and found a complex chemistry within the Martian soil.

66 Species of Coral Endangered and Threatened - Today`s proposed rule by the National Marine Fisheries Service responds to a 2009 scientific petition by the Center for Biological Diversity seeking the Act`s protection for 83 corals in U.S. waters.

Elders` Elves Help Seniors With Everything from 'Gift Wrap to Google' - Local 'Holiday Helpers' Lend a Helping Hand for the Holidays

ECFA Matches Donors with Most Reputable Nonprofits and Projects - Economy Prompts Year-End Givers to See 'Trust' as Number One Factor When Considering Charitable Organizations

Ancient Microbes in Antarctic Lake Discovered by NASA - The microbial ecosystem discovered at Lake Vida expands our knowledge of environmental limits for life and helps define new niches of habitability

Seniors Want Federal Spending Cuts - We need our government to stop spending our hard earned money like a bunch of drunken sailors

Nepalese Authorities Continue to Deny Victims` Rights to Truth and Justice - Envisaged Transitional Justice Mechanisms in Nepal are not Enough to Deal with Past Human Rights Violations, United Nations says.

BP Responsible for Worst Oil Spill in American History - Birds, wildlife, and the environment in the Gulf region are still struggling. Today, we need your help to make sure BP pays their fair share to clean up the Gulf.

Most Comprehensive and Accurate Assessment of Ice Sheet Losses in Greenland and Antarctica - Ice Sheet Loss At Both Poles Increasing, Major NASA Study Finds

NASA Finds Evidence of Water Ice on Mercury? - Given its proximity to the sun, Mercury would seem to be an unlikely place to find ice.

Billy Craig's "I LOVE THIS SCHOOL TOUR" A BIG Hit! - It`s been another crazy year for Billy Craig. He has been working on a new release that will be complete in 2013.

Britain's Submission to Israel in UN Vote - The 29th November 2012 is a sad day for democracy as the unseen hand of Netanyahu`s Likud party stretches from Tel Aviv to Washington.

SOP Battle of the Bands Features Marlena Lady Black Lace's, "I'm Yours for Christmas" - SOP Battle of the Bands Features Marlena Lady Black Lace's, "I'm Yours for Christmas" on The SOP Radio Network


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