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SOP newswire2

China cracks down on grain exports - China's customs have tightened blocking illegal grain exports triggered by international price hikes.

CIA, Scientists, Engineers & Technology - In today"s world of ever-changing challenges, it is more important than ever for the CIA to stay ahead of fast-paced global technology developments. The classified

United Methodist General Conference Takes Steps to Affirm Life - The United Methodist General Conference, the Church's governing body that meets every 4 years, overwhelmingly

Kristin Marzec Nominated to Attend the 2009 University Presidential Inaugural Conference - STATESBORO, GA. Kristin Marzec, a 20-year-old student of the Georgia Southern University, has been nominated to represent the local branch of the Golden Key International Honor Society at the 2009 University Presidential Inaugural Conference

Anonymous Versus Scientology - You may have heard the story of Scientology and Anonymous from other reporters. It has been covered by many major news outlets as of late.

Nations Must Work Together to Confront Extremists - No nation can solve the problem posed by radical extremism by itself, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the 102nd annual meeting of the American Jewish Committee here last night.

A Florida AMBER Alert - Putnam County Sheriff's Office 386-329-0800: Morgan Leppert,15 A Florida AMBER Alert has been issued for the child

Post-traumatic stress will no longer be seen as an obstacle - Seeking mental-health care due to post-traumatic stress will no longer be seen as an obstacle to getting a government security clearance, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates

Predator Crashes in Iraq - BALAD AIR BASE, Iraq -- An Air Force MQ-1 Predator crashed in southern Iraq at approximately 4 a.m. local time today.

Earthquake Hazard Maps - Friday's magnitude-5.2 earthquake in southern Illinois is a reminder that earthquakes are a national hazard.

ICE arrests U.S. citizen and 24 illegal aliens - LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Special agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) today arrested one U.S. citizen and 24 illegal aliens, employed by Naylor Concrete of Oklahoma City, performing contract work at the Little Rock National Airport.

Tyler King and His Unfortunate Run-In with the Internet - The Internet can be a cold and unforgiving place. Especially if your name is Tyler King and last week you somehow managed to piss off the legion of Internet users collectively known as 'Anonymous'.

Nutcracker Man Challenges Ideas on Evolution - Tiny marks on the teeth of an ancient human ancestor known as the

Raging Saturn Storm - PASADENA, Calif. – As a powerful electrical storm rages on Saturn with lightning bolts 10,000 times more powerful than those found on Earth

MND-B soldiers kill 8 criminals - BAGHDAD – Multi-National Division - Baghdad soldiers killed eight criminals during night operations in northeastern Baghdad.

Make Bush and Big Media Answer for War Propaganda - We're seeing the first cracks in the White House's scheme to spread pro-war propaganda via corporate media. One more push will break this story wide

ICE agents seize more than 7,000 pounds of marijuana from south Texas home - ESCOBARES, Texas - Agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) early Tuesday morning discovered more than 7,000 pounds

God Damn America, Insightful - Before I continue with my criticism, you should know that I will be working against the election of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. I sided with Obama's last political

United Methodists Elect New Judicial Council - On Monday the General Conference of the United Methodist Church elected five of the nine members of the Judicial Council, the church's highest court. The Judicial Council

Reverend Wright's Theology is Wrong - He avoided comment on his profane references about the damning of the United States, his characterization of the country as the KKK USA, and other statements found by many to be offensive.


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