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SOP newswire2

Josh Charles Says Musical time travelers, listen up! - Musical time travelers, listen up! On his latest album, Josh Charles is ready to stamp your one way ticket back to the magical year of 1974.

James Kob Finds Music That "Fits" - One would have to admit that in the overall world view, man has proven that even from his very rudimentary beginnings up to present-day, he has been quite resourceful in surviving and moving forward overall. This point isn't arguable. Just look around today.

Mimi's Corner: Keeping Entertainers and Athletes Connected - Mimi`s Corner will help connect entertainers, athletes, and fundraising events to an audience.

Online Investor Marketplace Royalty Exchange to Auction Historic Celebrity Images - Online Investor Marketplace Royalty Exchange to Auction 50% of the Future Income Stream of Historic Celebrity Images

We are different. We are talented. We are family. We are Mildly Medicated. - Jenna Basile is the Bassist of the Modern Rock Band Mildly Medicated. What do you get when you combine a lead singer with Hemophilia, a guitarist with ADD, a guitarist with diabetes, a bassist with Tourette`s, and a drummer on HGH therapy?

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Sarantos with "Dreamer" - SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Sarantos with "Dreamer" right here on the SOP Radio Network

Using Music Sound and Vibration as the Catalyst for Igniting Your Intention - Manifesting an intention is a process of becoming the vibrational match of what you are seeking.

Music: The True Universal Language - It could be easily argued that music in all its forms is the true universal language that ties the spirit of all living creatures together.

Windows 10 Productivity Guide - Live At Last! - You will find that the paperback version is at least as cheap as many of the best selling Windows 10 tech books at Amazon.

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring James Kob with "Because of You" - SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring James Kob with "Because of You" right here on The SOP Radio Network

Introducing the Book "The Struggles of an Ordinary Man" - This book restores the true-life stories of the ordinary rural man with a fair view, which might be a little different from the propaganda of the media and government in those days.

Online Trust: A Major Issue in Digital Age - Very often people are inclined to lie about their online profiles. You should just be on the lookout for such posters.

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Mildly Medicated with "Leave This One Behind" - SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Mildly Medicated with the track is entitled "Leave This One Behind" on The SOP Radio Network

Hilary Kole Brings New Life to Judy Garland Songs - Song choices are based on Hilary`s successful live performances of the Judy canon, her Over the Rainbow " tribute concerts held the world over.

The Ryan Skinner Story - No Massachusetts native more powerfully embodies the reality of this hope and deliverance from that darkness than Ryan Skinner.

Mimi Amaral to Appear on The American Perspective about Bridging The Gap Between The Entertainment and Psychology Industries - Bridging The Gap Between The Entertainment and Psychology Industries: Doctoral Student Aspires To Turn Dissertation Into Documentary

Stop Signs of Aging in its Tracks with Nexsey - Nexsey is a medical grade tape designed for use as a temporary way to tighten the wrinkles on the neck and can be hidden behind your hair or collar.

Grammy Artist Jody Watley and Shalamar Reloaded Made Their Debut Appearance - Grammy winning artist Jody Watley and her dynamic new group Shalamar Reloaded made their debut appearance in Los Angeles at the legendary The Roxy Theater

What's Your Missing Piece? - It is the motivation to satisfy your thirst when you do thirst. You cannot satisfy your thirst unless you know that what you are missing (water) can be easily obtained.

Mentality Surrounding the Upcoming Oscars - I've watched carefully this week the hysteria surrounding what seems to me to have become a Black vs. White (and in some cases Black vs. Black) mentality surrounding the upcoming Oscars


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