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SOP newswire2

An Enquiry into the influence of Pro-Israel Lobbyists on UK / EU Government Policy - LABOUR MP Jeremy Corbyn is backing the call for a public enquiry into the influence of pro-Israel lobbying groups on British government policy.

Health Tips That Can Save Your Life! - Mediterranean diet beneficial for heart, brain and memory. Reduces Alzheimer's.

Hedy Habra`s Short Story Collection 'Flying Carpets' Released - Habra`s 21 stories are steeped in memories of her childhood in Egypt and Lebanon, and offer a glimpse of a way of life, in an attempt to recapture voices, scenes, and situations through the transformative power of memory and imagination.

Amateur Astronomers to "Target Asteroids" - Amateur astronomers will help better characterize the population of NEOs, including their position, motion, rotation and changes in the intensity of light they emit.

'Gandhi and the Unspeakable' -- New Book Offers Insight into Gandhi's Assassination - 'Ghandhi and the Unspeakable` looks upon the father of the Indian independence movement and examines why a prophet of nonviolence was assassinated by Hindu nationalists during a prayer meeting in New Delhi.

The SOP Radio Network Presents 'The Vuja de Moment' with Simon T. Bailey - The SOP Radio Network will begin broadcasting The Vuja de de Moment with Simon T.Bailey. The Vuja de Moment, hosted by Simon T. Bailey will promote positive change for positive people.

NASA to Develop New Strategy for Exploration of The Red Planet - NASA is reformulating the Mars Exploration Program to be responsive to high-priority science goals and the President's challenge of sending humans to Mars in the 2030s.

Headaches: Do You Get Them or Give Them? - The type of headache that one gets with an infection such as the 'flu or sinusitis will not be discussed today. We will discuss recurring or chronic headaches.

Michael Dr. 'Woody' Woodward, PhD Addresses the Dangers of Local Government: Stop the Lunch Police!!! - Many are in upheaval over the recent unanimous ruling by the California Supreme Court ruling that the State can`t force companies to ensure employees take their lunch breaks.

Creative Works on 7th Anniversary of Jammu-Kashmir LoC Opening - Audience welcomes IRF-CR`s first ever opinion survey on trade and 'Vitasta, a journey across Jehlum'.

NASA Releases Version 2.0 of Open Government Plan - The plan features a directory of more than 100 participatory, collaborative and transparent projects, offering citizens opportunities to understand, support and engage with the agency.

Great Article Regarding "Rush To Judgement" - Great article regarding "Rush To Judgement." Of course anyone who has read up on the events of 1963 is most likely aware of those facts. I myself would like to present a new one for you to mull over.

A Life Lived Ridiculously Tackles OCD & Sociopath Topics with Sinister Humor & Raw Vulnerability - Author & Neuroscientist Dr. Annabelle R. Charbit will release her debut novel, A Life Lived Ridiculously on April 12, 2012 (Firefly Publishing & Entertainment; ISBN: 978-0-9846428-6-1).

Bending Religion to Suit Politics Or Just Going With The Buddhist Flow? - Buddhists are taught that every infinitesimal particle within any living organism is a potential Buddha. "Do not kill" is a main Buddhist precept.

'Going Postal' in America - This week's deadly mass shooting spree at Oikos University, a Korean Christian school in Oakland, CA, is one of a string of tragic shootings in the last couple of months that remind us just how dangerous going to work and school can be.

Hatred and Workplace Bias against Muslims Noticed in Florida and Philadelphia - Hatred against Muslims in Florida and workplace bias damaging to Muslim workers in some places in Philadelphia are being noticed by Muslims communities.

Well Known Psychologist Dr Judy Kuriansky to Attend Bhutan Government Meetings on 'Happiness' - Kuriansky is a representative of an NGO at the United Nations (the International Association of Applied Psychology) and on the adjunct faculty of Columbia University Teachers College.

Kim Kardashian's Fame, Fortune and Flour - You`ve got to hand it to the Kardashians, they are still extremely popular on the screen and off, from their cable shows to their multiple businesses.

Deremiah *CPE and Les Brown Bring Valuable Wisdom to Organizations - Deremiah *CPE brings valuable wisdom to those organizations looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind, custom made presentation

Judyth Piazza Bringing Trust and Integrity Back to Internet News: The SOP and The American Perspective - An elegant woman with a background in radio, journalism, and more, Judyth Piazza is a name that you will not soon forget.


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