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SOP newswire2

An Exercise in Deception: The Autopsy of President John F. Kennedy - If the eyewitnesses were correct that would have meant there had been multiple shooters and a conspiracy to assassinate JFK, possibly one orchestrated by the Soviet Union.

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Spiritual with 'Stand Up To Rasta' - SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Spiritual with 'Stand Up To Rasta' which will be heard right here on the SOP Radio Network.

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk - We are calling upon the help of the police officers, city officials, and even the president of the United States to come to our aid.

Will Roberts: Syndicated Political & Social Humorist Makes Us Laugh Out Loud! - For nearly three decades, Will Roberts has traveled the world to keep alive and kicking in the American consciousness.

Revered Contemporary Jazz Pianist - One Man Band - Paolo Rustichelli Up Close and Personal - Paolo Rustichelli's discusses his new single 'Playa Blanca' with female reporter

The Underrated Tool for Startup Success - That's all fine and good, if you have the passion and hustle to spare. However, the startup life is all about passion and hustle.

SOP Battle of the Bands featuring Long Island Singer Ann-dee with Crazy About You - SOP Radio Network is featuring Long Island Singer Ann-dee with Crazy About You " today.

Life Behind the Pulpit Starts With Words of Inspiration - Life behind the pulpit starts with applying or needing the very words of inspiration that you give to others.

What Do You Look Like? - I am Broccoli and I look like a tree!

Susie Murray is "Member of Excellence" for BNI Memorial - Congratulations to Susie Murray! Susie has been chosen as "Member of Excellence" for BNI Memorial.

Ian Somerhalder's Testimony on Behalf of Elephant Conservation To Make An Impact - Ian Somerhalder is thanked for his testimony before a Congressional subcommittee at today`s Federal Hearing on the U.S. Ivory Ban on behalf of elephant conservation

A Prayer for Tracy Morgan - Deborah Smith Simpkins: God Has Your Back: A Prayer for Tracy Morgan and Friends, A Time of Reflection For You!

Grieving Transgender Father's Love For His Late Daughter Turns 'Black Hat' Into Success - Set to be shot later this year in Abbeville and Lafayette, Louisiana, Black Hat " " a live action feature which will include 11 minutes of anime - received another powerful accolade two weeks ago.

Incredible Renovations, LLC Receives Winner of 2014 Distinction Award From BBB - Better Business Bureau Recognizes Incredible Renovations, LLC With Winner of Distinction Award

Wake Up America "Morning Express with Robin Meade" - Robin Meade is the lead news anchor for HLN's morning show Morning Express with Robin Meade.

What Does Easter Mean to You? - Easter to me is so significant to humanitarianism it makes me more sensitive to the lost, broken and down trodden.

Simple Truth for Complicated Times - This is a call to all men and women of the cloth. The time has come to regain control of our ministries.

Dr. Judith Orloff Blows Apart Old Stereotypes: Sex, Power, Beauty, Money and Greed - Renowned UCLA Psychiatrist and NY Times Bestselling Author Dr. Judith Orloff blows apart old stereotypes about Sex, Power, Beauty, Money and Greed

Equal Rights for the Abused! - This is an emotional letter to write as the topic affects so many women`s rights presently and for years to come.

Tom Estey Publicity & Promotion Adds New Office in Beacon Hill - Boston native Tom Estey, founder of Tom Estey Publicity & Promotion, has added a Boston office (in Beacon Hill) to his existing locations in Manhattan and Beverly Hills.


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