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SOP newswire2

Baseball - A Game of Fun, Strategy and Luck - Anselm's latest release titled, "Our Grand Ol` National Past Time: A Brief History of Major League Baseball"

Maya Ezratti Shares Dating and Relationship Tips - DATING TIPS by Maya Ezratti - Relationship Expert...CDO, Chief Dating Officer of Rewarding Relationships, LLC

Al Hammerman Composer & Lyricist Asks: Are lyrics really important? - I guess I have your attention now. NO, I didn't say it, Johnny Mercer did.

All-in-1 Products Raises Money To Help Support theSOP - All-in-1 Products is holding a contest to raise money for The Student Operated Press, (theSOP) and independent journalism.

A Wish by Karen Oberlin and Sean Harkness - A Wish, like a hope or a dream, whether simple or complex, is always personal. Yet the wishes of two artists can be expressed in one creative project like this one by Karen Oberlin and Sean Harkness.

Filmmaker's Passion and Grieving Father's Love Fuel Media Firestorm - The film will star Jodelle Ferland (Twilight: Eclipse, Tall Man, Silent Hill) as Dandi.

MIGHTY REAL: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical Prepares to Come Off-Broadway - This INCREDIBLE Show comes back to New York after SOLD OUT runs in NYC, Miami and Washington, D.C.

Amber Alert GPS: The Intelligent Way to Keep Families Connected and Safe - Say Hello to Smart Locators and Goodbye to Walkie-Talkies & Trackers

Drink Better Be Better - You are what you eat (and drink), so why not choose a nourishing and delicious drink that feels as good as it tastes?

Douglas Reese: 'Cleaners' Manages to Turn Boring Action into Mesmerizing Ritual - Douglas Reese`s beginnings as a filmmaker can actually be traced back to the most mundane of all genres " home movies.

Horror Author, Deno Sandz Releases "ICABOB SHAW" - Well-Composed, Outside the Realm of Devilish Imagination, Traditionalism Inherited, Its Beyond Evil`s Anagoge, A Dark Guardian, An Un-Holy Spirit, Non-Stop Fear.

Shane Ryan, Caught Between Arthouse and Controversy - Filmmaker Shane Ryan asked these questions, as he has gone through some experiences similar to Alyssa`s in his own life (apart from the murder of course), and he has distilled his answers into a film called My Name is A by anonymous.

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring OMI with "Baby Mama Drama" - SOP Battle of the Bands Features OMI with "Baby Mama Drama" on The SOP Radio Network.

New Book Exposes Evil - New Xulon Book Exposes a Prevalent and Heart-wrenching Evil; Proceeds to Help Eradicate Gender-based Violence

LUST: A Book That Live on Your Night Stand - Lust by Diana Raab: An Exploration of Sexual Desire and the Capacity for Joy

Jennifer Scott with "Eyes Upon Waking" - Taren in Eyes Upon Waking is played by Jennifer Scott, a veteran American actress whose first (uncredited) appearance in a film dates back to 1984 (Sixteen Candles) but whose career really took off only in recent years

Where Do Crappy Ideas Come From? - Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine, into your brain, and that is where shi*ty ideas come from!!!

French President Scandal: Lust Trumps Brains - French President Francois Hollande`s evolving sex scandal is dissected Friday in a national op-ed piece by noted New York clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist Judy Kuriansky.

SOP Battle of the Bands Features Catself with The Journey of All Perfect Creatures - The lyrics surprised me, and the way that things that I often think about got expressed so neatly in this way. It fascinates me somehow that the whole world is based on living beings growing, dying and eating each other.

"Thrill Killer" Alyssa Bustamante Up Close and Personal - Arthouse film loosely based on convicted 15-year-old "Thrill Killer" Alyssa Bustamante, finally gets release more than 3 years after completion.


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