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SOP newswire2

Paying Federal Taxes Just Got More Expensive - Those meeting IRS requirements will be certified as an IRS registered tax return preparer.

Party with USHER! OMG! Co-Hosted by DIRECTOR X - Yes, You!! ...Can keep the party going with Superstar Recording Artist

U.S. to Ban Christianity: Is This The Beginning of the End? - The principle under attack is no less than public acknowledgement that the source of our liberty is Divine Providence.

Access A Doctor Anytime, Anywhere - RingADoc`s new service aims to significantly improve access to medical care

Pension Red Alert: Where Will Your Money Be When You Need It? - Feds: '70% of ERISA plans out of compliance in any given year'

Will President Obama Cave to Big Oil? - Big Oil wants in " specifically, into the pristine waters of the Chukchi Sea.

How to Reduce Stress During The Holidays - Life balance expert and coach Bo Bradley shares easy-to-implement survival tactics to not only get through the holidays but to enjoy them with your family.

Obama Please Send Pardoned Thanksgiving Turkeys to Farm Sanctuary! - Organization Hopeful Third Time Will Be the Charm in Seeking Refuge for Turkeys Pardoned at White House Thanksgiving Ceremony

Anti-Islam Amendment Hearing Set For Monday - Amend Oklahoma's constitution to forbid judges from considering Islamic principles (Shariah) or international law when making a ruling.

Indira Gandhi: Symbol of India's Sovereignty - A special conclave of NPP was arranged in the capital this afternoon under the Chairmanship of its Chairman Prof. Bhim Singh.

The Sickening Details of the Matthew Hoffman Massacre - I was sickened when I heard how Tina, Kody, and Stephanie died and were treated. They were chosen randomly by the killer.

Why Should The Government Stay Out of Green Energy? - Real estate prices remain the highest in the country here, and construction costs are exorbitant too.

A Missouri Man to Face Hate Crime Charge Hearing set for Nov. 24 - CAIR: Bias Attack on Mo. Mosque Worker Deserves Hate Crime Charge Hearing set for Nov. 24 for man who allegedly threatened worker with knife, gun.

Yellowstone 60: Slaughter or Survival? - A herd of genetically pure, disease-free bison could be the key to widespread recovery of these iconic animals.

Jim Swilley Needs to Resign From His Position as Pastor of His Church - Jim Swilley needs to resign from his position as pastor of his church and add to his confession that the gay lifestyle is a sin - plain and simple.

Cambridge Debate Centered on the Motion that 'Israel is a Rogue State' - "The most brilliantly audacious defence of Israel since Moses parted the Red Sea"

Ron Paul says Federal Reserve has Got to Go? - Change is about to come to monetary policy on Capitol Hill, but it might not be the type of change President Obama or Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have

The Do's and Don'ts of God - Covenant for Rookies is an easy-to-read, sometimes humorous, must-read new book from author Andrew Wittman. It explains the meaning of life, the truth

Bhim Singh Praises Iraqi President For Moving Forward With Change - The Panthers Party Chairman was addressing the Indo-Arab Solidarity Committee in London late last evening on the present conflict created by the military intervention of Anglo-American Bloc in Iraq in violation of the Charter of the United Nations.

Citizen or Slave: Your Choice is Clear - If a group, faction, or movement set about supplanting a nation's form of government, the unpleasantness of their fate would depend only upon the culture and rule of law in said nation.


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