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SOP newswire2

Bhim Singh Praises Iraqi President For Moving Forward With Change - The Panthers Party Chairman was addressing the Indo-Arab Solidarity Committee in London late last evening on the present conflict created by the military intervention of Anglo-American Bloc in Iraq in violation of the Charter of the United Nations.

Citizen or Slave: Your Choice is Clear - If a group, faction, or movement set about supplanting a nation's form of government, the unpleasantness of their fate would depend only upon the culture and rule of law in said nation.

Suborbital Flight Relationship with Space Experience Curacao Using XCOR's Lynx Suborbital Spacecraft - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced to the Netherlands press that they were embarking upon a new relationship with Space Experience Curacao (SXC).

Trouble for Society:New Harry Potter Movie will Kill American Values - While most consider all anti-Potterism downright Mugglish, concerns remain among many parents over "Wicca"

One Billion People Expected to Watch Prince William and Catherine's Royal Wedding - Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton are now engaged to be married. The world has happily rejoiced the announcement.

Easy Tips to Avoiding the 3500 Calorie Thanksgiving Meal - Local fitness expert and LaFemme Mobile Gym CEO shares her knowledge on having a healthier holiday and not hating your scale the next day

'Heart to Heart' Conclave Joins Political Notables From Both Sides of Jammu and Kashmir - The third conclave is likely to be held in Delhi, Capital of India in the middle of December according to a spokesperson of the conclave.

Americans Need to Stand Up for Their Constitution and Stop Airport Harrassment - Thousands of protest letters flood Capitol, White House, Homeland Security

DHS to Address Airport Pat-Down Issues Raised Muslims - Homeland Security officials today defended airport screening procedures amid a backlash of complaints that they are too invasive, but officials said that

Mature Products Ripe For Change: Co-Branded Consumer Credit Cards 2010 - This report provides an analysis of a very mature product: the U.S. co-branded card.

Here Come The Energy Police! California Installing Millions of Smart Meters - As Red Alert has previously warned, the energy police are about to invade your home with "smart meters," new electronic/Internet based devices that determine precisely how much energy you are using.

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Marcus Elias with 'To The Woman I Love' (Freestyle) - Marcus always had a musical background growing up, his mother was a classically trained pianist, he played trombone at age 9 in the school band and started DJing at age 13.

Many Questions Still Unanswered When it Comes to Nepal's Political Party - Even a layman in Nepal is starting to ask if the Constituent Assembly will ever write the new constitution.

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Diddy-Dirty Money "Coming Home" - This episode, inspired bay real-life encounter from his past, is the starting point of the new album Last Train to Paris by the Sean "Puffy" Combs' new group Diddy-Dirty Money.

The SOP Radio Network Presents "Rise and Walk!" To Its Programming Line-Up - The SOP News Network is one of the leading news organizations on the web. First founded by students, it is now operated by media professional from around the world.

The Bluefins Are Struggling! - These submarine speedsters were already in steep decline due to overfishing.

Move over Rudolph - the Humbugs are Coming for Christmas - Get ready to start a new tradition for Christmas with the book "Humbug, A Christmas Carol" by Lee Baker

TSA Travel Advisory: New Airport Pat-Downs Called Invasive and Humiliating - The advisory comes after two of the nation's largest pilots' unions urged commercial pilots to avoid both full-body scanners and public pat-downs.

NASA Engineer Homer Hickam's New Book "The Dinosaur Hunter" - NASA engineer Homer Hickam is the Go-To Guy for a lot of things when it comes to science.

Are Mexican Trucks Safe? - Just in case you thought the North American Union was dead and gone - here come the Mexican trucks, all over again.


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