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Ground Forces Must Never, Ever Fail, New Army Chief Says - Freedom in America requires a continuing commitment to maintaining strong, equipped, well-led and well-trained ground forces, the newest chief of staff of the Army said today.

Obama Proclaims Employer Support of Guard, Reserve Week - President Barack Obama today called upon all Americans to join him in expressing our heartfelt thanks to the members of the National Guard and Reserve and their civilian employers " as he proclaimed August 16 through August 22, 2015, as National Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week.

Face of Defense: Air Force Senior NCO Celebrates Her Career - If my peers from high school could see me now, they would be shocked, Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Tracey House said.

UN: Unprecedented Rise in Infant Mortality in Gaza - A new UN study has revealed that the infant mortality rate in the Gaza Strip has risen for the first time in 50 years

Army Reserve Chief Calls for Budget Flexibility - The chief of the Army Reserve understands that the U.S. deficit is a threat to national security, but says the component needs flexibility from Congress to spend what money it gets more effectively.

Researchers to Gather for Military Medical Symposium - Troops also, if injured, have the best rehabilitative resources to assure they are restored and returned to duty.

General Discusses Afghan Forces, Security, ISIL Threat - Afghan forces are fully responsible for their nation`s security but still need and deserve the broad support of U.S. and coalition forces under the Resolute Support mission, the Resolute Support deputy chief of staff for communication said here today.

UN Condemns Terrorist Attack That Kills Dozens at Baghdad Market - The acting head of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq has strongly condemned today`s truck bomb attack on a market in east Baghdad.

UN Continues Fight Against Ebola - The deadly Ebola outbreak which ravaged West Africa for more than a year has demonstrated the increasing importance of emergency preparedness both in Africa and across the world.

Airstrikes Against ISIL Forces Continue - U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Africa Moves a Step Closer to Polio Eradication - Africa has made great strides towards eradicating polio but the job remains to be finished through strengthened immunization campaigns and surveillance measures, according to the United Nations.

Ban Vows Decisive Action on Allegations of Sexual Abuse by UN Peacekeepers - Vowing decisive action on reports of sexual exploitation committed by UN peacekeepers deployed to the Central African Republic, Ban Ki-moon announced that he has accepted the resignation of the head of the UN peacekeeping mission in the country.

Rosetta Comet Outburst Captured - On Thursday, Aug. 13, the comet and Rosetta will be 116 million miles (186 million kilometers) from the sun -- the closest to the sun they will be in their 6.5-year orbit.

Central African Republic: UN Rreleases Funds for Humanitarian Aid - The UN has allocated over $13 million for the immediate distribution of life-saving assistance targeting those affected by the ongoing violence in the Central African Republic.

Mali: UN Alarmed at Release of Human Rights Abusers - The UN expressed deep concern over the reported release of detainees in Mali suspected of involvement in, or formally charged with, serious abuses, including war crimes, terrorist acts and gross human rights violations.

UNICEF Offers Support to Pakistan Authorities as Child Abuse Investigation Continues - UNICEF has offered its support to Pakistani authorities as they open an investigation into emerging reports of widespread abuses against children in the country`s district of Kasur.

UN Warns of Deliberate Starvation of Civilians in Yemen - As Yemen plunges deeper into conflict, which has left millions in need of humanitarian aid and wrecked healthcare systems, the country now finds itself in the midst of a major food crisis.

UN: Libyan Parties Can Reach Settlement by Month`s End - UN special envoy Bernardino León previewed the latest round of talks opening in Geneva today, telling reporters that with political will, the parties could wrap up this very difficult process with an agreement by the end of August.

Face of Defense: Wounded Soldier Receives Honors at Fort Hood Ceremony - Almost eight months after he was wounded in Afghanistan, Army Spc. Gilbert Frazier accepted the medals he earned at his home station here surrounded by his brothers-in-arms and his wife.

Airstrikes Destroy ISIL Infrastructure in Syria, Iraq - U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.


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