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UN Chief Ban Expresses Commitment To Plight Of Palestinians - Ban voiced his concern about the need to increase humanitarian assistance for Palestinians.

UN Chief Ban Expresses Sadness Over Deaths At Egyptian Soccer Stadium - Ban Ki-moon expressed sadness at last night`s violent clashes at a soccer match in Egypt which led to the deaths of at least 74 people

UN Chief Ban Urges Israel and Palestinians To Seek Peace - A credible political horizon is imperative for the emergence of a Palestinian State living in peace and security side-by-side with Israel.

Ban Urges African Countries to Entrench Civil Rights - Ban Ki-moon urged African countries to entrench civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights to boost stability and development in the continent.

UN Honors Memory Of Children Who Died In Holocaust - The UN honoured the memory of the more than 1.5 million boys and girls who perished in the Holocaust.

UN To USA: Close Gitmo - Nobody should ever be held for years on end without being tried and convicted, or released.

UN Urges Protection Of Children From War - The United Nations held a remembrance service to honour the memory of the estimated six million Jews and countless others killed in the Nazi death camps.

Ban Condemns Attack On UN Peacekeepers In Darfur - Ban Ki-moon condemned the ambush by an unidentified group on a UN patrol in Sudan's Darfur region that led to the death of a Nigerian peacekeeper.

Ban Voices Concern Over Tensions between Sudan and South Sudan - Ban Ki-moon today voiced deep concern over continuing tensions along the border between Sudan and South Sudan.

Ban Condemns Deadly Attacks in Nigerian City of Kano - Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the multiple attacks across the city of Kano, which resulted in large-scale casualties and massive destruction to property.

UN Urges North Korea To Improve Human Rights - The UN urged the new leadership in the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to address pressing human rights concerns.

UN Condemns Ethnic Violence In South Sudan - The top United Nations envoy in South Sudan today urged an immediate end to the cycle of ethnic violence in the newly independent nation.

UN Urges Seismic Threats Be Taken Seriously - The United Nations is urging that seismic threats be taken seriously.

UN Chief Ban Praises Peacekeepers In Lebanon - Ban Ki-moon paid tribute to the men and women helping to bring peace to southern Lebanon, while stressing the importance of the safety of UN personnel serving in one of the most dangerous missions in the world.

UN Urges Continued Support For Haiti's Recovery - Ban Ki-moon urged continued international support for Haiti's recovery and rebuilding.

U.S.-Iran Tensions Easing, Pentagon Officials Say - Pentagon officials said today they believe tensions between the United States and Iran have cooled in recent days.

UN Chief Ban Talks With Nigeria's Foreign Minister - Mr. Ban and Mr. Ashiru also exchanged views on how best to enhance the fight against piracy off West Africa`s Gulf of Guinea.

Liberian Cocoa Farmers to Benefit From UN Financing - The UN will provide a $24.9 million loan to Liberia to improve the West African country`s cocoa and coffee production.

UN and Libya Sign Status of Mission Agreement - The UN and Libya signed an agreement establishing the legal framework under which the UN mission set up last year to support the country`s post-conflict reconstruction efforts will operate.

UN Notes Promising Steps on Implementation of Darfur Peace Document - The Sudanese Government and the rebel Liberation and Justice Movement signed the so-called the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur last year.


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