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UN: Over 2 Billion People Now Connected To Internet - There were 2.3 billion Internet users worldwide at the end of 2011.

UN Concerned About Violence In Darfur - UN deplores reports of violence in the west Sudanese region of Darfur.

UN: Children Widely Affected By Violence In Syria - The UN children`s agency drew attention to the impact that the conflict in Syria is taking on mothers and children, especially on newborn babies.

Obama Thanks First Responders, Agencies for Hurricane Sandy Response - Obama praised first responders, volunteers and members of federal and nongovernment agencies,including FEMA and the National Guard for their efforts.

Defense Department Continues Post-Hurricane Sandy Support - Pentagon leaders continue to monitor Defense Department provided support to FEMA and states impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Obama Gets Hurricane Sandy Update - Obama convened a video-teleconference in the White House Situation Room with his team to receive the latest update on Hurricane Sandy.

UN Launches De-worming Effort In West Africa - Countries gripped by a hunger crisis in West Africa`s Sahel region urgently need additional help to combat a series of intestinal-worm and other Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Stevie Wonder Celebrates United Nations Day - UN Headquarters in New York sang and danced to the music of award-winning artist and humanitarian Stevie Wonder, during a concert to celebrate the world body`s 67th anniversary.

UN Chief Ban Welcomes Reports Of Syria Ceasefire Being Observed - Ban Ki-moon has welcomed reported announcements of warring parties in Syria agreeing to observe a ceasefire.

UN Condemns Suicide Bomb Attack During Eid Prayers in Afghanistan - The UN top political envoy for Afghanistan condemned a suicide bomb attack which killed at least 40 people in the country's north.

UN Urges Support For Syria Ceasefire Plan - Some of the warring parties in the conflict in Syria are expected to observe a ceasefire later this week.

UN Chief Ban Meets Korean Pop Superstar Psy - I'm a bit jealous, the Secretary-General joked as he met with the singer. Until two days ago, someone told me I am the most famous Korean in the world. Now I have to relinquish. I have no regrets.

UN Chief Ban Celebrates UN Day - General Ban Ki-moon called on individuals and the international community to reaffirm their commitment to building a better world.

Ban Congratulates Young Winners of UN Art for Peace Contest - Ban Ki-moon congratulated the 12 young artists who won the UN Art for Peace contest, which asked participants to depict their vision of a world free of nuclear weapons.

UN: North Africa Under Locust Threat - Desert locust swarms are set to invade North Africa in the coming weeks, the UN warned.

UN: World Must Eradicate Torture - UN: We have not yet achieved a world free from torture.

UN Increases Supplies To Refugees From Syria - The UN said it has pre-positioned thousands of emergency relief supplies in Aleppo.

UN Chief Ban Calls For Ceasfire In Syria During Muslim Holiday - Ban called on all warring parties in Syria to heed the call of their Joint Special Representative, Lakhdar Brahimi, for a ceasefire during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

UN Concerned About Instablitiy In Lebanon - The UN expressed support for Lebanon and its stability in the wake of the deadly bombing which struck central Beirut.

UN: Humanitarian Crisis In Mali - The UN has already reached more than one million people in the country.


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