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UN Chief Ban And Norwegian Leader Discuss Climate Change - Climate change, sustainable development and women and children`s health topped discussions between Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Norway`s Prime Minister in New York.

UN: Death Toll Passes 3,500 as Syrian Crackdown Continues - The brutal crackdown on dissent in Syria continues unabated despite the signing of an Arab League peace plan last week.

UN Chief Ban: UN Must Lead Way In Conflict Mediation Efforts Worldwide - The United Nations must enhance its capacity to provide mediation support to prevent conflicts worldwide, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.

UN Chief Ban: Civilians In Armed Conflicts Must Be Protected - The UN stressed the need to do more to protect civilians who are increasingly bearing the brunt of the various conflicts.

UN Chief Ban Deplores Attack on UN-African Union Peacekeepers - Ban Ki-moon condemned today's attack on a United Nations-African Union patrol in Sudan's Darfur region that led to the death of one peacekeeper.

UN Chief Ban Condemns Terrorist Attacks In Nigeria - Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council have strongly condemned Friday's terrorist attacks in Nigeria.

UN Hopes For Peaceful Vote In Liberia - All Liberians who wish to vote in the presidential run-off election must be able to do so freely and in safety, the top United Nations envoy to the country said.

UN: Moldova Must Work Harder To End Discrimination - It is vital for authorities in Moldova to ensure an independent judiciary, tackle discrimination and protect the rights of minorities as it works to strengthen democracy.

Ban Urges Liberians to Maintain Peace Despite Electoral Disagreement - UN Chief Ban Ki-moon urged the people of Liberia to refrain from violence despite political disagreement.

UN Helps Somalia Deal With Floods And Famine - United Nations humanitarian agencies announced today that they are stepping up their support for Somalia.

Security Council Calls on Libyan Authorities to Stem Proliferation of Arms - The Security Council has called on interim authorities in Libya to take action to prevent the proliferation of arms, missiles and related materiel.

UN Warns of Severe Restrictions on Tibetan Monasteries in China - A group of United Nations experts voiced grave concern over reports of severe human rights restrictions on Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in China.

South Sudan Joins UNESCO - The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization welcomed the recently independent country of South Sudan.

UN Helps Thailand Deal With Flood Disaster - The United Nations has enabled disaster officials in Thailand, which its facing its worst floods in more than half a century, to have more frequent access to real-time satellite images.

UN Chief Ban Condemns Killing Of Civilians In Syria - Ban Ki-moon spoke out against the reported killing of dozens of protesters in Syria.

UN: Flood Disaster Worsens In Thailand - The United Nations will provide 20,000 insecticide-treated mosquito nets in temporary shelters and other areas in flood-hit Thailand.

UN Encourages Ivorian Candidates to Register for Upcoming Legislative Polls - The UN peacekeeping mission in Côte d`Ivoire encouraged all candidates who are interested to register for the legislative elections.

UN Spotlights Value of World`s Audiovisual Heritage - The United Nations underscored the importance of preserving the world`s audiovisual heritage.

UN Panel Approves Over $1 Billion for Victims of Iraq`s Invasion of Kuwait - Over $1 billion was disbursed today to eight successful claimants by the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC), which settles the damage claims of those who suffered losses because of Iraq`s 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

UN Protects Nile's Resources - A UN report on the use and management of water in the Nile River basin calls for new methods to boost agricultural productivity.


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