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MTV College Network Names Robert Gates Man of the Year - MTV`s college network bypassed a plethora of pop, rock and movie stars, and bestowed a top honor on a man they call a true role model ": Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.

Robert Gates to Travel to China - Robert M. Gates will travel to China from Jan. 9 to 12, and then to Japan Jan. 13 and 14.

Lebanon: President Sleiman Visits UN Peacekeeping Operations In South - Lebanese President Michel Sleiman today reaffirmed his country`s consensus " support for the United Nations peacekeeping operation.

The UN Delivers Ballots To Sudan - The United Nations has delivered ballots for more than 4 million voters in Southern Sudan for next month`s independence referendum.

UN Calls On Thailand Not To Forcibly Return Myanmar Nationals - The UN urged Thailand not to forcibly return a group of some 166 Myanmar nationals who fled their country amid renewed fighting and are currently seeking temporary protection from the Royal Government.

UN Delivers Assistance To Displaced Darfuris - The UN today began providing vital humanitarian assistance to thousands of internally displaced persons sheltered outside the UN-African Union mission`s sites in Darfur.

UN Chief Ban Condemns Terrorist Attack In Pakistan - Ban Ki-moon has condemned the heinous " terrorist attack that took place on Saturday outside a United Nations World Food distribution centre in north-west Pakistan.

UN Chief Ban Condemns Violence In Nigeria - Ban Ki-moon on Sunday condemned the deadly violence that broke out in parts of Nigeria in recent days and reportedly killed at least 30 people and injured more than 70 others.

UN: Asia-Pacific Exports and Imports Grow at Robust Pace - The Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2010 notes that the strong performance of exports and trade in general is the result of a vibrant China which imports intermediate goods from the rest of Asia and exports finished goods to the rest of the world.

UN Hopes For Peaceful Solution To Ivorian Crisis, - UN peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy has called on Laurent Gbagbo to keep his pledge not to resort to violence as the stand-off with his rival continues.

UN Voices Concern Over Ongoing Darfur Clashes - The United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur voiced grave concern over the ongoing clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces and rebel movements.

UN Condemns Demolition Of Homes In East Jerusalem - A senior United Nations official today condemned the demolition of two refugee homes in East Jerusalem.

Ban Welcomes US Ratification Of Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty - Ban Ki-moon welcomed today`s vote by the United States Senate to support the ratification of the nuclear arms reduction treaty signed earlier this year by the leaders of Russia and the US.

Afghan Air Force Gets its Wings, NATO Commander Says - Building a professional, independent and capable air force to keep Afghanistan secure is well on its way to completion by 2014, a NATO commander said today from Kabul.

UN Chief Ban Hails New Government In Iraq - Ban Ki-moon today welcomed the announcement of a new government in Baghdad as a major step forward in Iraq`s democratic progress.

Mike Mullen: DADT Remains In Effect Until Obama Certifies The Plan - Mike Mullen welcomed the Senate`s vote to repeal the Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell " law, while emphasizing that the current law and policy will remain in effect until they and President Barack Obama certify the plan to implement it.

Obama Praises Repeal Of DADT - President Barack Obama hailed the Senate`s vote today to repeal the law that banned gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military.

Ban Urges Developing Countries To Pool Resources To Fight Poverty - Ban Ki-moon today urged developing countries to pool their knowledge and resources to speed up progress towards the internationally agreed poverty reduction targets by 2015.

UN Chief Ban Calls 2010 Big Year For UN - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called 2010 a big year for the United Nations

UN Calls For Respect For Rights Of Migrants - United Nations officials have decried the human rights violations, xenophobia, and exploitation faced by many of the world's 214 million international migrants.


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