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UN Expresses Sympathy For Iran's Earthquake Victims - The President of the General Assembly, Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, expressed his deep sympathy with the Government of Iran for the loss of hundreds of lives caused by the earthquakes that struck Iran Saturday.

UN Praises Summer Olympics - The United Nations envoy on sport for peace lauded the London 2012 Olympic Games for their remarkable displays of athletic achievement.

UN: Japanese Nuclear Plant Remarkably Undamaged in Earthquake - The nuclear plant closest to the epicentre of the March 2011 earthquake that struck Japan, resulting in a radiation leakage at another facility, was remarkably undamaged.

UN Warns of Impact of High Prevalence of Child Abuse in East Asia - Child maltreatment has harmful long-term consequences, not only for the children suffering the abuse, but also for the families and societies in which they live.

For World Humanitarian Day, General Assembly Becomes Music Video Location - While the usual focus of events taking place in the UN General Assembly Hall is on international affairs, on Friday the venue will be play host to the recording of a music video for World Humanitarian Day.

UN: World Close To Eradicating Polio - After being plagued by a re-emergence of the polio virus in 2005, Angola has not experienced any new cases of the crippling disease for a full year " moving the world a step closer to the final goal of global eradication.

UN Praises Political Progress In Somalia - The Security Council has welcomed the recent progress Somalia has made in progressing towards the end of its temporary governing arrangements.

UN Celebrates 'International Youth Day' - Ban Ki-moon has called for greater and more meaningful inclusion of youth into decision-making processes around the world, while also warning of a possible lost generation " if urgent measures are not put in place.

UN: Multitudes Fleeing Violence In Syria - The UN said that its offices in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq have reported increases this week in the number of refugees from Syria.

UN Condemns Violence Against Demonstrators In Darfur - The UN urged Sudan to launch an independent investigation into the reported use of excessive force by Government security forces during a protest in Darfur.

UN Alarmed At Health Situation In South Sudan Camps - The UN refugee agency is scaling up efforts to reverse the alarming rates of malnutrition, disease and death in two camps hosting Sudanese refugees in South Sudan.

UN General Assembly Urges Immediate End To Fighting In Syria - The General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning the increasing use of heavy weapons by authorities and urging all sides to immediately cease armed violence.

Syria: As UN Prepares Food Relief for Aleppo, Renews Call for Restraint in Fighting - As the United Nations prepares to deliver food relief to people in Aleppo, the UN observer mission in the country renewed its call for the Government and the opposition to refrain from further violence.

UN Refugee Chief Calls for More Support for Displaced Malians - The UN urged the international community to boost its support for the hundreds of thousands of Malian refugees who have fled to neighbouring countries due to recent violence.

UN Chief Ban Urges End To Violence In Syria - With as many as two million people affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today renewed his call on all parties to put an end to armed violence and prevent further bloodshed.

UN Chief Ban Calls On Countries To Follow Through With Olympic Truce - Ban Ki-moon today urged countries to follow through with the Olympic Truce, and highlighted the role of sport in promoting peace, dialogue and development.

UN Concerned Over Hman Rights Abuses In Myanmar - The UN expressed serious concern about reports of human rights violations committed by security forces in Myanmar`s Rakhine state.

UN Alarmed By Escalating Violence In Syria - The United Nations human rights chief today urged the country's Government and armed opposition to protect civilians.

UN Condemns Rampant Abuse of Civilians in Congo - The UN refugee agency condemned rampant abuse against civilians in the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

UN: Talks Between Israelis & Palestinians Must Be Restarted - The past month has been characterized by a continuation of the effort to restart direct talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians.


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