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UN Seeks To Eliminate Rabies - The UN called for the elimination of rabies and stressed mass dog vaccinations and public awareness as the key to breaking the cycle of transmission of a disease that claims an estimated 60,000 people every year.

Obama Urges UN to Confront Syrian Violence, Chemical Weapons - While the world has made strides toward stability, the situation in Syria illustrates the dangers of current trends to the Middle East.

UN Takes Action Against Poverty - World leaders meeting at United Nations Headquarters agreed to take bolder action against extreme poverty, hunger and disease.

Ban Condemns Terrorist Act In Nairobi - Ban Ki-moon condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist attack at a shopping mall in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Ban Condemns Terrorist Attack on Church in Pakistan - Ban Ki-moon has said he is appalled by the terrorist attack on a Christian church in north-western Pakistan

UN Condemns Murder of Abducted Israeli Soldier - The top United Nations official for the Middle East peace process today condemned the abduction and killing of an off-duty Israeli soldier.

Central African Republic: UN Agencies Scaling-up Aid Amidst More Displacement - The UN food relief agency is reopening its offices in the country and using mobile teams to reach the 500,000 people in need of aid in the Central African Republic.

UN: Italy Must Do More to Combat Human Trafficking - Warning that human trafficking in Italy is growing, a UN human rights expert called on the Government to boost its efforts to combat the scourge.

UN: Thousands of Syrian Children Fleeing Country Alone - More than 4,000 Syrian children have crossed borders into neighbouring countries without parents or adult relatives.

UN Denounces Killing of Colombian Radio Host - The head of the UN agency tasked with defending press freedom condemned the killing of radio host Édison Alberto Molina in the town of Puerto Berrio in Colombia.

UN Seeks To Protect Children In Armed Conflicts - The United Nations and the African Union have agreed to strengthen protection of conflict-affected children in Africa.

UN Marks 'International Day of Peace' - The UN marked the International Day of Peace with a call to invest in education that encourages children to embrace global citizenship based on values of tolerance and diversity.

UN: Clear and Convincing Evidence of Chemical Weapons use in Syria - A UN team probing the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria has found clear and convincing evidence that Sarin gas was used in an incident that occurred on 21 August.

UN: Global Efforts to End Preventable Deaths of Children Saved 90 Million - Global and national efforts to end preventable deaths of children under-five years of age saved some 90 million lives in the past two decades.

UN Urges Pause in Fighting to Allow Access to Trapped Civilians In Syria - The UN called on all sides to agree to a pause in the hostilities so that relief agencies could gain access to evacuate desperate civilians trapped in towns.

Ban Welcomes US-Russia Agreement on Syria's Chemical Weapons - Ban Ki-moon has expressed the hope that the deal will pave the way for a political solution to end the appalling suffering of the Syrian people.

UN Condemns Taliban Attack on US Consulate in Herat - Condemning the Taliban bombing attack against the US Consulate in Herat, the UN urged broad cooperation to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Ban Praises Syria For Agreeing To Abide By Treaty Banning Chemical Weapons - Ban Ki-moon has received a letter from the Government of Syria President Bassar Al-Assad will sign and abide by the 20-year-old international treaty on banning chemical weapons.

Ban Welcomes International Discussions on Syria`s Chemical Weapons - Ban Ki-moon has strongly welcomed the emergence of international discussions that could lead to an agreement in the UN Security Council to secure and destroy Syria`s chemical weapons.

UN Condemns Terrorist Attack in Somali Capital - The top United Nations envoy in Somalia deplored a terrorist attack in the Somali capital, Mogadishu.


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