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UN Deplores Murder Of Peacekeepers In Darfur - The UN condmemned the ambush by unknown assailants in Darfur in which three soldiers serving with the African Union-United Nations peacekeeping force were killed.

Robert Gates: Budget Request Reflects Pentagon`s Reform Agenda - The fiscal 2011 defense budget request continues and builds on the reforms of the fiscal 2010 budget, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told the Senate.

Gates, Mullen Urge Senate to Ratify Arms Reduction Treaty - The United States is better off with the new strategic arms reduction treaty with Russia than it is without it, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee today.

Robert Gates Concerned About Pessimism on Afghanistan - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is concerned about emerging public pessimism and cynicism regarding the outcome of U.S. operations in Afghanistan.

UN Marks World Refugee Day - The UN is marking World Refugee Day by urging governments not to forget the 15 million men, women and children who have been uprooted by conflict or persecution and are unable to return to their homes.

UN Calls For End To Human Rights Violations By Israel In Gaza - A three-member United Nations body has called for an end to human rights violations by Israel in the occupied territories

MikeMullen: Kandahar Vital to Success in Afghanistan - Kandahar, the spiritual home of the Taliban, is the key to success in Afghanistan.

Petraeus Blames Dehydration for Temporary Illness - Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of U.S. Central Command, blamed dehydration for causing him to take ill this morning during a Senate hearing.

President Barack Obama Praises Military Support in Gulf - President Barack Obama today praised the role the military is playing as part of oil spill response efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

UN Troubled By Gaza Flotilla Incident - A top United Nations official today stressed the need for a fundamental change in the situation in Gaza.

UN Mobilizes Aid For Civilians In Kyrgyzstan - United Nations agencies launched operations to assist the thousands of civilians affected by the violence.

UN Urges End To Child Labor By 2016 - With global efforts to end child labour showing mixed results, United Nations agencies are urging greater action to achieve the goal of eliminating the scourge by 2016.

UN Chief Ban Concerned About Growing Tensions In Kyrgyzstan - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon conferred with the chair of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on the mounting tensions in Kyrgyzstan.

UN: Civilians Still In The Firing Line In Darfur - Sudanese Government-sponsored attacks against civilians continue in Darfur.

Robert Gates: More Trainers Would Speed Afghanistan Transition - Support for the mission in Afghanistan from allies and partners has increased steadily in the past year, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here today.

UN Celebrates The Power Of Sport For Peace And Development - The World Cup soccer tournament kicked off today in South Africa with the United Nations highlighting the critical role that sport plays in promoting both peace.

U.K. Effort Critical in Afghanistan, Petraeus Tells Britons - Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of U.S. Central Command, emphasized yesterday in London the critical role the United Kingdom has played in Iraq.

NATO And Pakistan Ready To Deepen Political Dialogue - The Secretary General and Prime Minister Gilani agreed that NATO, Pakistan and Afghanistan share a common interest: to defeat the terrorism that threatens the region as well as the international community.

Robert Gates, British Counterpart Praise Alliance - The defense secretaries of the United States and Great Britain today praised the strength and depth of the U.S.-British alliance.

Robert Gates: Recruiting May Ease Afghan Forces` Attrition - With recruiting on pace to exceed goals, the increased numbers may help to ease attrition problems that have plagued the Afghan army and police, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here today.


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