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SOP newswire3

Ban Deplores Rebel Attack In North-East Central African Republic - Ban Ki-moon has condemned the recent rebel attack on the town of Birao in north-east Central African Republic.

UN: Going To Vote In Haiti Will Not Spread Cholera - Going forward with elections in Haiti this Sunday is not expected to increase the spread of cholera.

UN Study Finds Ecstasy The Stimulant Most Abused In Asia - Amphetamine-type stimulants, particularly methamphetamine, commonly known as ecstasy, are the drugs most widely abused in East and South-East Asia

UN: Stopping Violence Against Women Is Everyone's Duty - Violence against women continues on a large scale across the world, much of it hidden, ignored or silenced, says the top United Nations human rights official.

UN's Goal: Affordable Health Care For Everybody - The UN health agency mapped out what countries can do, including raising more funds and spending it more efficiently, to ensure that everyone who needs health care can access it despite rising costs.

UN Welcomes Pope's Comments On Condom Use - The United Nations agency leading the global response to the AIDS epidemic has welcomed Pope Benedict XVI`s comments in which he reportedly justified the use of condoms to reduce HIV infection risk.

UN Chief Ban: More Industrial Development Needed In Africa - Ban Ki-moon today underlined the need to increase international cooperation to unleash Africa's potential, saying that the continent's development can contribute to a better world for all.

UN Concerned Over Slow Funding Response To Cholera Appeal - The UN has voiced concern over the slow response to an appeal sent out nine days ago seeking $164 million to curb the spread of the cholera outbreak that has infected nearly 20,000 people

Robert Gates Notes Value of Chile`s Disaster Response Capabilities - The Chilean military can offer a wealth of experience in disaster relief operations to the United States and other nations, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here today.

UN Chief Ban Hopes For Peace In Afghanistan - Ban Ki-moon said today that the search for peace through a political process in Afghanistan must be led by the people of that country themselves.

Robert Gates Addresses Role in Afghanistan After Security Transition - Any US forces remaining in Afghanistan past the end of 2014 -- the target for completion of the transition of security control throughout the country to Afghan forces -- would be there in a training or advise and assist " capacity, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said.

UN Chief Ban Concerned Over Abuse Of Children In Somalia - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed deep concern over the continuing grave violations of children`s rights in Somalia.

UN Celebrates Universal Children's Day - Millions of children across the world are denied the right to enjoy their childhood as a result of conflicts that expose them to violence.

UN: Haiti Violence Hampering Cholera Response - The United Nations and its humanitarian partners in Haiti are urging an end to the violent demonstrations in Cap Haitien, which they say are seriously impeding efforts to respond to the rapidly escalating cholera outbreak.

Ban Welcomes Israel`s Decision To Withdraw Troops From Northern Ghajar - Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the Israeli Government`s decision to withdraw its army from the northern part of Ghajar, a village that straddles the so-called Blue Line separating Israel and Lebanon.

UN Deplores Politically Motivated Violence In Haiti - The UN deplored yesterday`s acts of violence against UN security forces during demonstrations in the cities of Cap-Haitien and Hinche.

UN Chief Ban Speaks To G20 Leaders - Ban Ki-moon urged G20 leaders to invest in development, which will not only help millions of people who are suffering due to the global economic downturn but also improve the lives of the world`s poorest.

UN Develops Guide On Appropriate Crops For African Farmers - Donors, aid agencies, government workers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working with African farmers will also be able to use the tool to enable them to provide suitable advise.

Mike Mullen Works to Bridge Military-Civilian Gap - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on the eve of Veterans Day yesterday, asked the civilian world to reach out to veterans returning home from the wars.

Mike Mullen: Coalition, Afghans Now Resourced to Succeed - After years of under-resourcing the war in Afghanistan, the coalition has put in place the pieces needed to win the counterinsurgency battle in the country, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said.


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