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Pakistan Devastated By Monsoon Rains, UN Lends A Helping Hand - United Nations humanitarian agencies have begun to assist communities in southern Pakistan that have been pummelled by monsoon rains.

UN Chief Ban Condemns Suicide Bombings In Pakistan - Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned the suicide bombings apparently targeting senior military figures in the Pakistani city of Quetta.

UN Chief Ban Urges More Preventitive Diplomacy - Ban Ki-moon is calling on the world community to reinforce preventive diplomacy.

UN Marks 10th Anniversary Of 9/11 - The UN marked the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with a solemn commemoration in the General Assembly Hall, music, poetry and a vow to intensify the battle against terror wherever it is perpetrated in the world.

UN Chief Ban: World Faces Many Challenges - Ban Ki-moon made a fervent appeal today for unprecedented global cooperation to meet an exceptional host of complex challenges.

UN Chief Ban: Climate Change Poses Threat To Pacific Islands - Ban Ki-moon and the President of Kiribati, Anote Tong, today stressed that climate change posed the most serious threat to the livelihoods.

UN Official Discusses Global Organized Crime With US Congressional Delegation - The head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has had a meeting with a United States congressional delegation.

UN Chief Ban Meets With Australian Foreign Minister - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd on Saturday discussed the famine in Somalia.

UN Official Arrives In Tripoli To Set Up Humanitarian Operations - A senior United Nations official has arrived in Libya accompanied by an inter-agency humanitarian team to re-establish the UN presence in the capital.

UN: Bird Flu Resurfaces - The UN Food and Agriculture Organization urged heightened preparedness and surveillance amid signs that a mutant strain of the deadly bird flu virus is spreading in Asia and beyond.

Ban Seeks Urgent Deployment of UN Mission to Help Libya Rebuild - Ban Ki-moon today summoned major regional organizations to join the United Nations in helping the new Libyan authorities deliver immediate emergency aid.

UN Chief Ban Condemns Attack On UN Compound In Nigeria - Ban Ki-moon has condemned this morning`s attack on the United Nations building in Abuja, in which a number of people have been killed or wounded.

Security Council Seeks To Strengthen UN Peacekeeping Capacities - The Security Council today discussed steps to improve United Nations peacekeeping capacities

UN: Europe Polio-Free - Europe will retain its status as a polio-free region after Member States took satisfactory steps to combat an imported outbreak of the debilitating and sometimes fatal disease last year.

NATO Missile Defences Pass First Field Test - NATO has taken a significant step forward in providing its commanders the capability to defend deployed forces against attacks from ballistic missiles.

UN Underlines Importance of Sstainable Use of Iraqi Marshlands As Water Resource - Marshlands in Iraq must be managed in a manner that balances the various benefits derived from the ecosystems, including food and clean water for the country`s people.

UN Urges Security Council to Unfreeze Libyan Assets - The UN urged the Security Council to release assets frozen under United Nations sanctions to the country`s transitional authorities to help them set up a government in the North African nation.

Statement by the NATO Secretary General on the Situation in Libya - The Qadhafi regime is clearly crumbling. The sooner Qadhafi realises that he cannot win the battle against his own people, the better -- so that the Libyan people can be spared further bloodshed and suffering.

President Obama And Jobs - On August 31st, the President`s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness will hold the next in a series of Listening and Action Sessions with local businesses and stakeholders.

Hurricane Irene Kills 2 In Haiti - Hurricane Irene killed two people in Haiti, flooded houses, cut roads, unleashed landslides and devastated farm fields.


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