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Pentagon Demands WikiLeaks Return Stolen Documents - The Pentagon is demanding that WikiLeaks immediately return the stolen military documents in its possession.

Security Council Extends UN Presence In Iraq For Another Year - The Security Council extended for another year the mandate of the UN mission that is helping Iraq with its efforts to build a secure, stable and prosperous nation.

UN Chief Ban: Achieving Nuclear-Weapon-Free World Is Possible - A more peaceful world can be ours, " Ban Ki-moon said in remarks to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony held in Japan.

UN Chief Ban Visits Japan - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged the world to work to ensure that nuclear weapons were eliminated.

Robert Gates Calls on FBI to Join Leak Investigation - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates announced he has asked the FBI to help Pentagon authorities investigate the leak of the classified documents published by WikiLeaks.

Robert Gates: WikiLeaks Guilty on Moral Grounds - The WikiLeaks whistleblower website is morally guilty of putting people`s lives at risk by making public tens of thousands of classified U.S. military documents, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today.

Mike Mullen: No Easy Answer To Military Suicide Problem - While no easy answers exist to a military suicide problem that has reached "crisis level," a big part of the solution is tied to leadership, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said today.

U.S. Military in Afghanistan Responds to Pakistan Floods - The U.S. military in Afghanistan is responding rapidly to the disastrous flooding that reportedly killed more than 1,200 people in Pakistan.

U.S. Rushes Aid to Pakistan Flood Victims - United States is rushing aircraft, food and shelter to help those impacted by flooding in Pakistan.

UN: Disease New Threat In Flood-Hit Pakistan - United Nations humanitarian agencies warned today of the possibility of waterborne disease outbreaks emerging in north-western Pakistan.

Obama Reaffirms Commitment to Veteran Care - Caring for veterans is a moral obligation, President Barack Obama said today in a speech at the Disabled American Veterans National Convention in Atlanta.

Obama Lauds Military for Service in Iraq, Afghanistan - After nearly a decade of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, today`s military has become one of the greatest generations to serve, President Barack Obama said today.

Mike Mullen: Family Support Vital to War Effort - Military readiness is directly tied to family readiness, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told National Guard family program volunteers here yesterday.

UN Rushing Food To Victims Of Deadly Pakistan Floods - The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has begun distributing food to more than 35,000 families affected by the worst floods northwest Pakistan has seen in decades.

Pentagon Rejects Claim WikiLeaks Offered Document Review - A claim by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that the U.S. government had an opportunity to review stolen military documents published on the group`s website is untrue, a Pentagon spokesman said today.

UN Identifies New World Heritage Sites - The UN added a selection of new sites situated in various countries around the globe to its World Heritage List, after deciding that they were of outstanding universal value.

UN Issues Ten Tips For Successful Breastfeeding - To unlock the lifesaving potential of breast milk, two United Nations agencies have unveiled 10 steps to help mothers successfully breast feed, kicking off World Breastfeeding Week today

UN: Terrorism In Africa Linked To Organized Crime - Terrorism in Africa is increasingly linked to organized crime, and the continent`s governments must take stronger steps to try to break those connections.

Obama Signs Defense Supplemental Bill - President Barack Obama signed the Defense Department`s supplemental war-funding bill.

UN: Missing Russian Pilot In Darfur Found Safe - A Russian helicopter pilot missing since the start of the week was found safe late today in southern Darfur.


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