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Cote d`Ivoire: UN Condemns Firing At Helicopter And Killing Of Civilians - The United Nations peacekeeping force in Côte d`Ivoire reported today that one of its helicopters was shot at by forces loyal to the country`s President.

UN: Half Of World`s Poorest Countries Can Escape Poverty By 2020 - Half the world`s 48 least developed countries can graduate out of their impoverished status within 10 years if they benefit from better targeted development aid.

UN-backed Polio Immunization Campaign Under Way In Sudan - A United Nations-backed polio immunization campaign is under way in Southern Sudan.

UN: Economic Diversification Vital To Boost Poorest Countries - Diversifying production rather than relying on commodity exports is crucial to boosting the economies of the least developed countries.

Robert Gates: Forces Accomplish No-fly Zone Mission - U.S. and coalition forces have accomplished the no-fly zone aspect of the United Nations mission in Libya.

Mike Mullen Accepts Award on Behalf of Armed Forces - Mike Mullen accepted the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award from the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress last night on behalf of all members of the U.S. armed forces.

Obama: Coalition Mission Succeeding in Libya - The military mission in Libya is succeeding and preventing further atrocities against the Libyan people by Moammar Gadhafi and his forces, President Barack

Coalition Air Operations Take on Gadhafi`s Forces - The coalition struck a number of targets in Libya with air operations flown to protect the Libyan people from Moammar Gadhafi`s forces.

Robert Gates Offers Perspective On Middle East - During a week of visits with leaders who all are affected by simultaneous antigovernment protests in Middle East countries, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates focused on the opportunities that come with the challenges.

UN Condemns Murder Of Journalist In Yemen - The UN condemned the death of journalist Jamal Ahmed Al-Sharabi, who was killed when gunmen opened fire on protesters in the Yemeni capital.

Robert Gates Visits Egypt - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates met with Egyptian leaders here today as part of a visit officials said is designed to reaffirm U.S. support and advance the nations` defense partnership.

Obama Says U.S. Part of Broad Coalition in Libya - U.S. military actions in Libya are being conducted as part of a broad multinational coalition.

Robert Gates Cites Efforts to Avoid Civilian Casualties in Libya - Coalition forces enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya to halt the slaughter of citizens by Moammar Gadhafi have gone to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties, " Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here today.

Mike Mullen: Attacks Make No-Fly Zone over Libya Possible - The coalition attacks yesterday have put in place the conditions needed to establish a no-fly zone over Libya, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said on NBC`s Meet the Press today.

Obama: Broad Coalition Seeks to Help Libyans - President Barack Obama said the military action that began today in Libya is an international effort designed to protect a threatened people.

UN Chief Ban Deplores Killing of Yemeni Protesters by Security Forces - Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned today`s reported killing by Yemeni security forces of at least 33 people.

UN Authorizes Use Of Force Against Libya - Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the Security Council`s historic decision to authorize the use all necessary measures " to protect civilians in Libya.

UN: Japanese Nuclear Crisis Very Serious - The head of the UN agency that coordinates global nuclear safety announced he will make a flying visit to the country to see what further help he can offer.

US Military Helping With Relief Efforts In Japan - Fourteen U.S. Navy ships and their aircraft and 17,000 sailors and Marines are now involved in the in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts in Japan

UN Demands Freedom For Jailed Journalists In Turkey - The UN called on Turkey to guarantee freedom of opinion, voicing serious concerns at the recent imprisonment of journalists.


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