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UN Staffer In Pakistan Killed - Secretary-General General Ban Ki-Moon condemned the shooting death of a UN staff member at a camp outside the north-west Pakistani town of Peshawar today.

Robert Gates Considers Expanding Army - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is considering proposals to temporarily expand the Army to relieve stress on the force, a Pentagon spokesman said.

Mike Mullen Optimistic About Afghanistan's Future - Afghanistan`s future depends on its ability to educate youth, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said today at the opening of Afghanistan`s newest elementary school here.

Nurses Demand Health Care Reform - This afternoon the President was joined by members of the American Nurses Association in the Rose Garden, where he spoke strongly on the urgent need for health care reform.

Mike Mullen Thanks Troops In Afghanistan - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff offered some guidance and his gratitude to about 300 military members during an all-hands call here today.

UN Urges World Leaders To "Seal The Deal" On New Climate Pact - Five top UN officials have added their names to a petition urging world leaders to "seal the deal` on an ambitious new climate change pact.

President Obama Stresses The Importance Of Education - Speaking at Macomb Community College in Michigan, the President stressed the importance of education to America`s prosperity.

UN Seeks Political Solution To Crisis In Honduras - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his support for the Costa Rican leader`s mediation efforts to resolve the political crisis in Honduras.

UN: Iraqi Christians Need Better Protection - The UN called for a redoubling of efforts to protect the country`s Christians, following a series of orchestrated " bombings over the weekend that hit several churches.

H1N1 Virus Strikes Air Force Cadets - Preliminary press reports that identified 15 basic cadets as having H1N1 are correct.

War Crimes Being Committed In Somalia - Grave violations of international human rights " possibly amounting to war crimes " are being committed in strife-torn Somalia, a top UN official said.

UN: Civilians Caught In Crossfire In The Congo - Civilians are bearing the brunt of attempts to dismantle armed groups in the Congo, with the rebels carrying out vicious reprisals and some Government soldiers committing serious human rights abuses.

UN Responds To Deadly Landslide In Myanmar - The United Nations is assessing how it can assist Myanmar in the wake of a deadly landslide caused by heavy rains which swept away a jade miners` settlement in the north of the country.

Military Leaders Embrace Facebook, Twitter, MySpace - Military Leaders get with the program and embrace social media.

US Military Services Meet Recruiting Goals - All active-duty military components met or exceeded their recruiting goals in June, with the Marine Corps adding the highest percentage of its target to its ranks.

Obama's Speech To The Ghanaian Parliament - The full text of Obama's African speech.

Afghanistan's Ops Need NATO Support - Options exist to help NATO members better meet their obligations within the alliance, the former NATO commander who left the post less than two weeks ago said here yesterday.

UN: Pakistan's Displacement Crisis At Critical Moment - The humanitarian effort to help millions in north-west Pakistan uprooted by clashes between the Government and insurgents is at a critical stage.

UN Chief Ban: Helping Hungry Promotes Peace - By helping the world`s hungry, who now number one billion, the international community can also secure a more peaceful and stable future for all.

UN: Investing In Women Smart Choice - Top United Nations officials have called for investing in women and girls during the global financial crisis to help promote economic recovery and tackle poverty and inequality


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