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UN: Earthquakes The Deadliest Of Disasters - Earthquakes were the deadliest natural disasters in the past decade.

Mike Mullen Stresses Need For Closer Ties With Central And South Asia - The U.S. commitment to Central and South Asia is long-term and enduring, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Navy Adm. Mike Mullen told chiefs of defense from the region.

Obama Delivers On High-Speed Rail - The investments we announce today make rail a viable transportation alternative in many regions. With this historic $8 billion investment by President Obama, we are jump-starting American High-Speed rail.

President Obama Vows Spending Freeze Won't Affect National Security - Though Obama announced a three-year discretionary federal spending freeze during his State of the Union Message, it won`t apply to defense spending.

Obama Seeks Repeal Of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - Obama announced during his State of the Union address that he intends to work with Congress and the military during the year ahead to repeal the Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell " law.

Obama: We Will Succeed In Afghanistan - Barack Obama stressed during his State of the Union address tonight the importance of confronting terrorists who threaten the United States and of succeeding in Afghanistan.

President Obama Stresses Arms Control Cooperation - President Barack Obama last night stressed the importance of nonproliferation initiatives to keep terrorists and rogue nations from acquiring them.

UN Chief Ban Condemns Terrorist Bombings In Iraq - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned today`s apparently coordinated series of bomb attacks against hotels in Baghdad that have killed dozens of people and injured scores more

UN: Nations Must Work Together To Help Haiti - The UN proposed a new way to coordinate relief efforts in the Caribbean nation to ensure that aid reaches those who need it.

US To Provide Drones To Pakistan - The United States plans to provide Pakistan RQ-7 Shadow unmanned aerial vehicles to support their fight on extremists.

UN: Northern Kosovo Remains Flashpoint - Northern Kosovo remains a flashpoint amid continuing tensions between Kosovo Serb and Kosovo Albanian communities there despite a greater understanding over reconstruction of destroyed housing by the communities.

UN Reaches 2 Million Haitians With Meals - The United Nations World Food Programme is now delivering daily meals to some 2 million Haitians.

UN Chief Ban Stresses The Need To Rebuild Haiti - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today emphasized the need to rebuild the impoverished Caribbean nation.

Robert Gates Meets Pakistan's Future Military Leaders - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates took his message of shared challenge and commitment today to Pakistan`s rising military leaders attending the prestigious Pakistan National Defense University.

Haiti Averages 140 Relief Flights Daily - U.S. military officials are working across organizational boundaries in a concerted effort to keep supplies and people flowing into Haiti's main airport.

Joe Biden In Iraq To Meet With Troops - Vice President Joe Biden is in Iraq to meet with key leaders and visit U.S. troops, White House officials announced today.

Israel Compensates UN For Damages During Gaza Offensive - Israel has paid the United Nations $10.5 million for damage to the world body`s properties in Gaza during last year`s Israeli offensive against Hamas.

Robert Gates: Jihadists Destabalizing South Asia - An al-Qaida-backed terror syndicate is focused on destabilizing South Asia and stoking tensions between India and Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told reporters yesterday.

UN Ramps Up Its Aid To Haiti - The United Nations is straining every nerve " to ramp up its aid to the countless victims of Haiti`s devastating earthquake.

UN: Blockade Jeopardizing Health Of 1 Million Gazans - United Nations agencies and their non-governmental partners today warned of the impact of the Israeli blockade on Gaza`s population and on health services.


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