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UN Praises Climate Change Deal Reached At Cancún - The UN climate change talks in Cancún have concluded with a package of decisions to help countries advance towards a low-emissions future.

UN Celebrates Human Rights Day - The United Nations markedHuman Rights Day today by shining the spotlight on the hundreds of thousands of largely unsung heroes, " the human rights defenders who risk dismissal, harassment, torture, jail and even death for their activities.

UN Chief Ban: Prevention Of Genocide A Global Responsibility - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed that the prevention of genocide is a global responsibility, stating that when States fail to protect their populations, the international community must step in and act.

Ban Ki-Moon Appeals For End To Violence In Haiti - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today appealed for an end to violence in Haiti following the announcement of preliminary election results in a country that has already been ravaged this year by a devastating earthquake and a raging cholera epidemic.

UN: Glacier Shrinking A Global Concern - The UN environment chief is calling for the urgent development of adaptation strategies ranging from urban planning to improved water storage in the face of intensified rain fall and glacier shrinkage.

Robert Gates Praises USS Lincoln`s Crew for War Contributions - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates today praised the crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln for its support of the war effort in Afghanistan.

UN Chief Ban Makes Plea For Global Agreement On Climate Change - Ban Ki-moon today made an impassioned plea for agreement at the United Nations climate change conference in Cancún.

Petraeus: Forces in Afghanistan Continue to Push Enemy - Afghan and coalition forces are continuing to make and solidify gains while pushing out the enemy and retaining control of key districts in hotly contested provinces, the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan said.

Robert Gates Visits Afghanistan Bases - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates arrived in Afghanistan today for troop visits and meetings with key U.S. leaders and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Mike Mullen to Visit Seoul to Consult, Reassure Allies - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will fly to South Korea tonight for high-level consultations with defense officials there.

New Vaccine Set To Wipe Out Deadly Meningitis In Africa " UN - Burkina Faso today became the first country to begin a nationwide campaign to introduce a new vaccine that promises to rid the entire region of the primary cause of epidemic meningitis, the United Nations health agency announced.

Robert Gates Meets With Leaders in Oman, Plans Carrier Visit - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates arrived here to meet with the country`s monarch, Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said.

Obama: Servicemembers Prove America`s Best Days Lie Ahead - The bravery, resolve, expertise and commitment of American servicemembers proves that America`s best days lie ahead, President Barack Obama said at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan today.

UN: Compromise Needed To Reach Climate Change Solution - UN emphasized the need for compromise in international efforts to reach a solution to the climate challenge.

UN Will Continue To Support Nepal - The UN will continue to support Nepal's development efforts even after the departure of the UN mission from the country next month.

UN Chief Ban Concerned Over Political Standoff In Côte d'Ivoire - Ban Ki-moon today expressed deep concern over the continuing stand-off in Côte d'Ivoire.

UN Chief Ban Praises Volunteers - Millions of volunteers around the world play a vital role in building a better future,Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.

Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman Recommends Don`t Ask Repeal - American servicemembers think in terms of mission accomplishment and look beyond issues of race, religion, gender and, frankly, sexual orientation, " the nation`s No. 2 military officer told Congress today.

UN Chief Ban: Let's Get Talks To Reunite Cyprus Underway! - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling on the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders to ready a practical plan by January to overcome major differences.

UN: Pakistan`s Flood-Affected People Need More Help - The United Nations humanitarian chief today visited the flood-ravaged area of Pakistan`s southern province of Sindh.


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