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Robert Gates: Reaching Out To Muslim Nations Will Reap Benefits - A comprehensive American outreach effort to the Islamic world will pay dividends, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said yesterday.

Ceremony Marks Admission Of Albania And Croatia To NATO - On 7 April a ceremony was held at NATO Headquarters in Brussels to mark the accession of Albania and Croatia to the Alliance.

Bioenergy Boosts Development In Poor Countries - Bioenergy production reaps benefits for rural communities in poor countries, according to a new UN-backed report that

UN: Time Running Out For Civilians Trapped In Sri Lanka - Time is running out for the thousands of civilians trapped in northern Sri Lanka amid the ongoing conflict between Government forces and Tamil rebels

Obama Speaks To Troops In Iraq - Obama addressed the troops in Iraq in a surprise visit before coming home from Europe.

Obama Discusses Afghanistan And NATO - In a press conference after the NATO meeting today, Obama discussed Afghanistan and NATO

DOE Builds World's Largest Laser - The Department of Energy today announced that the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has certified the completion of the historic effort to build the world`s largest laser.

Australia Backs UN Declaration Of Indigenous Peoples' Rights - UN experts welcomed Australia`s endorsement of the UN's declaration outlining the rights of the world`s 370 million indigenous people and outlawing discrimination against them.

House And Senate Pass Fiscal Year 2010 Budget - The House of Representatives has just passed their version of the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget, which largely reflects the priorities the President has laid out in his own blueprint.

G-20 Summit: Triumph for Obama - After a series of intensive meetings and discussions at the G-20 Summit in London, the President today held a press conference to discuss the fruits of that labor.

Disabled Warrior Able To Ski Thanks To Adaptive Sit-Ski - Sgt. Maj Bill Roy, along with his cane, slipped into an adaptive sit-ski.

Obama, Medvedev Determined To Reduce Nuclear Arsenals - The leaders of the world`s two largest nuclear superpowers today agreed to start new talks aimed at reducing nuclear arms stockpiles,

UN Secretary-General Welcomes Formation Of New Government In Israel - Ban Ki-moon welcomed the formation of a new Government in Israel.

PBS Special Helps Children Of Military Families Deal With Change - Sesame Workshop will air a PBS special at 8 p.m. EST April 1 aimed at helping military families cope with changes.

Albania And Croatia Join NATO Today - Today, Albania and Croatia have completed the accession process, and have joined the Alliance as members

Defense Dept. Programs Seek To Create New Biofuels - Ever imagine filling up the fuel tanks on a military aircraft with french fry grease? It`s no April Fools' Day joke -- that`s exactly what the Air Force plans on doing someday.

UN Projects Helping Iraq's Recovery - United Nations reconstruction projects have made a real and meaningful impact " on Iraq`s recovery, an independent report has found.

Joe Biden In Latin America - Joe Biden meets with Presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

President Obama And Prime Minister Brown Meet In London - President Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown held a joint press conference following a working meeting.

Hillary Clinton Calls For International Support For Afghanistan - Hillary Clinton opened the first day of talks at the International Conference in Support of Afghanistan calling for renewed international support for the country.


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