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UN: Humanity Taking Back Seat To Politics In Gaza - Helping Gaza`s most vulnerable must be a top priority, the United Nations humanitarian chief urged today.

UN Pandemic Alert Still At Phase 5 As Swine Flu Continues To Spread - As it continued to intensively monitor the spread of the influenza A (H1N1) virus, the United Nations health agency today held its pandemic alert to Phase 5,

Obama's Remarks On The Swine Flu - Here are the President`s remarks on the H1N1 flu virus during the opening of last night`s press conference:

World Safety Day: Nations Must Not Relax Standards - Marking this year`s World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the head of the United Nation`s labour arm warned against a relaxation of standards due to the global economic crisis.

Obama Admin: Most Ethical In American History - Obama has made historic commitments to putting the public interest first and to cracking down on special interests and, in particular, lobbying abuses.

Air Force Flight Surgeons Train Iraqi Counterparts - American Air Force flight surgeons continue their mission to teach and train Iraqi air force and army flight surgeons.

Funding for AIDS Suffering Due To Global Financial Crisis - A new United Nations study finds that the global financial crisis is impacting the ability of people with HIV to obtain life-saving drugs

US Military Monitors Swine Flu - The Defense Department is monitoring the swine flu situation closely, with its primary focus on protecting the military population.

Air Force One Photo OP Terrorizes New York City - The White House expressed regret yesterday over a photo opportunity involving Air Force One that stirred up confusion and fear in New York City.

UN: Sri Lanka Coping With Twin Humanitarian Crises - The UN humanitarian chief warned that Sri Lanka faces two distinct crises, as he toured camps for people who fled fighting in the country`s north between Government troops and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

UN Chief Ban: Unity Essential To Tackling Swine Flu Threat - Global solidarity is critical if a pandemic of swine flu is indeed imminent, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.

Obama: I'm Closely Monitoring Swine Flu Outbreak - Obama: We are closely monitoring the emerging cases of swine flu in the United States.

Swine Flu Fears: UN May Raise International Pandemic Alert - With swine flu infections now confirmed in four different countries, the UN health agency said that it may raise the international pandemic alert today

Hillary Clinton Visits Baghdad - Clinton assured Iraqi leaders during a visit to Baghdad yesterday that as the US draws down its troops in Iraq, it won`t draw down its commitment to Iraq.

Mike Mullen: Taliban's Growing Strength In Pakistan Frustrating - The Taliban`s growing strength in Pakistan is frustrating to the United States, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said here today.

UN Speaks Out Against Suicde Bombing Blitz In Iraq - The UN condemned in the strongest terms " the back-to-back suicide bombings in Baghdad and Diyala in the last few days.

UN: Swine Flu Outbreak Has Potential To Become A Pandemic - The head of the United Nations health agency today warned that the recent outbreak of a deadly new strain of the swine flu, has the potential to become a pandemic

Obama Promises To Cut Out The Middle Man From Student Loans - Obama promises to fight special interests so that everyone can afford a college education.

Obama Praises World War II Vets For Helping End Holocaust - President Barack Obama today highlighted the role American World War II veterans played in bringing about the end of the Holocaust and preserving its memory.

Ban Welcomes $200 Million In Aid For Security In Somalia - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed over $200 million pledged to help the emergent Government in Somalia.


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