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Obama's New Afghan-Pakistan Strategy - Obama said today his new strategy for what he calls America`s war " is intended to zero in on the heart of the matter at hand in Afghanistan and Pakistan

UN's Reforestation Program A Huge Success - An effort to fight climate change through reforestation, seeded at the grassroots level, has now blossomed into a woodland of over 3 billion trees,

UN: Two Million Starving Children In Bangladesh - Two million children are suffering from acute malnutrition in Bangladesh, where one-quarter of all households are hungry, according to a UN study.

Obama's Plans For GM & Chrysler - Obama announced that his Auto Task Force has completed its evaluation of the viability of General Motors and Chrysler in light of their requests for federal assistance.

White House Update On Health Care Reform - The Director of the White House Office Of Health Reform blogs about status of health care reform.

Senate Passes Edward M Kennedy National Service Act - The Senate passed legislation to dramatically expand service opportunities for Americans of all ages. By a vote of 79-19, the Senate approved the Edward M. Kennedy National Service Act.

Obama At Arlington National Cemetery For National Medal Of Honor Day - Obama participated in the wreath-laying ceremony for National Medal of Honor Day at Arlington, along with more than 30 Medal of Honor recipients.

Obama Makes Long Distance Call: To International Space Station - Obama was joined by Congressional leaders and students from the DC area to congratulate the astronauts on the Space Station and the Space Shuttle on their successful mission.

IRS Seeks Volunteers To Serve On Taxpayer Advocacy Panel - The IRS seeks volunteers to serve on the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP), which listens to taxpayers, identifies key issues and makes recommendations for improving IRS service.

National Guard Responds To Red River Flooding - Almost 500 Army and Air National Guard troops from two states were called out over the weekend to help stem the flow of floodwaters from the Red River.

Should National Guard Be Posted Along US-Mexico Border? - The Department of Homeland Security is still considering the use of National Guard troops along the U.S.-Mexico border

Future Of Missile Defense Requires New Way Of Thinking - The future of missile defense requires a new way of thinking that will benefit the American taxpayer and allow the US to stay ahead of foreign threats.

Obama: Afghanistan Mission Critical - Obama called his decision to send an additional 17,000 troops to Afghanistan the toughest so far in his presidency.

Number Of People Seeking Asylum Rises For Second Year In A Row - The number of people seeking asylum in industrialized countries rose in 2008 for the second year in a row

Air Force Enjoys Partnership With NASCAR - The Air Force launches the multimedia marketing campaign "Switching Seats" March 23 in support of its NASCAR partnership.

Latinos Become More Prevalent On College Campuses - Hispanic students comprised 12 percent of full-time college students in 2007, up from 10 percent in 2006, according to U.S. Census Bureau

UN Secretary-General Condemns Lebanon Terrorist Attack - Ban Ki-moon condemned the terrorist attack that killed Kamal Medhat, the deputy head of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Lebanon.

Suicide Bomb Attack Kills Dozens Of Kurdish Funeral Mourners - Top UN envoy in Iraq today condemned in the strongest terms a suicide bomb attack that killed dozens of people at a house filled with Kurdish funeral mourners

World TB Day Speech By UN Chief: Work Still Needs To Be Done - A new United Nations report notes that the percentage of the global population falling ill to tuberculosis is dropping annually

Obama Op-Ed About Economic Crisis Appears In 30 Newspapers - Obama published a rare "simultaneous op-ed" in thirty papers around the world, calling for a collective effort to address the economic peril.


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