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After a Reset, Curiosity Is Operating Normally - NASAs Curiosity rover is busy making new discoveries on Mars.

Shanahan, Dunford Visit U.S.-Mexico Border - Acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan and Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, journeyed to Texas over the weekend to get a feel for the situation on the Southwest border.

Women and Human Rights: Front and Center at the Oscar Ceremony This Year - Gender equality, the marginalization of indigenous languages, migration, the refugee crisis, the lives of domestic workers, poverty ... All these issues which are at the heart of the United Nations work, are also front and centre in some of the films celebrated this year at the Academy Awards.

Funds Urgently Needed to Save Millions in Yemen From Horrific Plight - Preparations are being finalized at the UN for a $4.2 billion appeal to scale up help to millions of people in Yemen, where years of war have created the worlds worst humanitarian emergency.

Afghanistan: 2018 Saw Record-high Civilians Killed in Decade - With over 3,800 civilian women, children and men killed in just one year, Afghanistan has hit yet another record.

Survey Says: Majority of Spouses Satisfied With Military Life - The latest survey of active-duty and reserve-component service members spouses shows the spouses are, by and large, happy with the military lifestyles they lead.

New Guidance for Travel to Mexico - The United States Army North Force Protection division has new guidelines regarding travel to Mexico to ensure that our service members are kept safe.

Airmen Demonstrate Rapid Global Mobility in Venezuela Humanitarian Mission - Airlifting 250 tons of relief supplies to alleviate a humanitarian crisis on the other side of the hemisphere requires layers coordination between multiple military and civilian agencies in a condensed timeframe.

U.S., Turkish Defense Officials Discuss Syria, Other Issues at Pentagon Meeting - U.S. and Turkish defense officials met today at the Pentagon to discuss the future of operations in Syria and the other areas where the two countries fight together.

Statement from the Press Secretary About Aviation Security - Today, President Donald J. Trump released the National Strategy to Combat Terrorist Travel and the National Strategy for Aviation Security.

Cyber Command Expects Lessons From 2018 Midterms to Apply in 2020 - Efforts to protect the 2018 midterm elections from foreign interference are expected to be studied and reapplied to protect the November 2020 elections, the commander of U.S. Cyber Command said on Capitol Hill today.

In Colliding Galaxies, a Pipsqueak Shines Bright - In the nearby Whirlpool galaxy and its companion galaxy, M51b, two supermassive black holes heat up and devour surrounding material.

Davis-Monthan AFB Exercise Balances Flexibility, Survivability, Lethality - Landing in an austere location, a small number of Airmen move at a rapid pace to accomplish a very specific mission. With only the supplies needed to survive for a week, they begin to unload food, shelter and equipment. After unloading, they set up a campsite as home base for their operations.

UN: Spending on Health Increase Faster Than Rest of Global Economy - Spending on health is outpacing the rest of the global economy, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.

UN Urges India and Pakistan to Dial Down Tensions - United Nations Secretary-General Guterres on Tuesday called on India and Pakistan to take steps to defuse tensions in the wake an attack in Kashmir late last week that left dozes of Indian security forces dead.

UN Accuses South Sudan of War Crimes - United Nations investigators on Wednesday denounced a raft of gross human rights violations being perpetrated in South Sudan, where over the past year, incidents of rape have surged and abductions sexual slavery and brutal killings "have become commonplace."

Prospect of Peace Fading Every Day in Gaza and West Bank - The spectres of violence and radicalism in the Occupied Palestinian Territory are growing, and the prospect of sustainable peace is fading by the day, a senior UN envoy in the region told the Security Council on Wednesday.

Myanmar and UN Agriculture Agency Agree Framework to Improve Nutrition - The Myanmar Government and the UN agriculture agency signed on Tuesday a multi-year agreement that will create conditions to help improve nutrition and food security in the south-east Asian country, while safeguarding and sustainably managing the use of natural resources.

UN: Not Enough Resettlement Solutions for Refugees Worldwide - Despite record numbers of people forcibly displaced across borders, with 1.2 million in need of a new permanent place to call home last year, the UN refugee agency released new data showing that only 55,700 of them - 4.7 per cent - were able to be resettled in 2018.

Upsurge in Attacks Against Civilians in Syria - Civilians in Syrias north-western city of idlib continue to be used "as pawns," caught in the crossfire of bombardments by the Government and its allies, and attacks by non-State armed groups, the United Nations human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, warned on Tuesday.


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