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SOP newswire

Watch out YouTube, the Christian's are Coming - Where can you find a Christian internet social networking community that features uplifting and inspirational videos, audios

Iraqi Archaeologists Complete ICMP Training Course - A group of three experts from the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights successfully completed a training course organized by the International

INTERPOL bioterrorist attack exercise - Senior officials from law enforcement and international organizations are taking part in a two-day tabletop exercised hosted by INTERPOL simulating

Charged with First-Degree Homicide Man Slips RU-486 to Woman - Wisconsin man has been criminally charged for slipping his girlfriend the abortion pill, RU-486, causing her twice

Ecological Perspective Key in Conflict Prevention - Dr. Joseph Chavady submits the following and is available for comment:

Ogaden Conflict: A Top Priority for Condoleezza Rice - It was stated in a recent press release from State Department of the United States that the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice will visit Addis Ababa on December 5

It's Okay for Parents to Spank - The American College of Pediatricians carefully reviewed the available research on corporal punishment and

It is to reopen the Zahra Kazemi case - The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) welcomes the decision by Iran’s Supreme Court to reopen the investigation into the 2003 death

IAEA and Peaceful Nuclear Development in Latin America - Nuclear security and development are the focus of IAEA Director General Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei´s official visit to several Latin American countries

Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group Make Statement - Prior to the opening of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Madrid on 29 November 2007, the Foreign Minister of Russia S.Lavrov

Domestic violence raids in the U.K. - The Metropolitan Police Service yesterday (28 November) conducting a series of raids across London to tackle domestic, homophobic and race hate crime.

Russian election, Turnout high - Around 43 percent of eligible Russians have voted in the parliamentary election so far, according to the country's Central Election Commission. Several hours remain for voters in Moscow

CIA Language Positions - The ability to foster the acquisition and maintenance of foreign language skills is an imperative at the CIA because of the global nature our intelligence gathering

Drug lab equipment donated to University of Hawaii by ICE - HONOLULU - Agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) joined faculty members from the University of Hawaii at

United States Stamp Honoring the Muslim religion - President George Bush Jr. has signed a bill for the creation of a United States Stamp Honoring the Muslim religion and it will be released nationwide

More needs to be done to win the fight against HIV/AIDS - Washington – On the eve of World AIDS Day, President Bush renewed his pledge to fight the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends - As the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season officially comes to a close on November 30, NOAA scientists are carefully reviewing a set of

NASA, Embryonic Star Captured With Jets Flaring - A developing star wrapped in a black cocoon of dust is seen sprouting giant jets in a new image from NASA's

Ulysses Begins North Polar Pass - Ulysses, a joint NASA/European Space Agency mission, has begun its third pass over the sun's north

Iraqis Work to Secure Their Country - TIKRIT " Iraqi Army (IA) Soldiers recently led a raid into an area of Ad Dawr with Iraqi police (IP) and a small


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