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SOP newswire

My Journey of Faith - Dr. Sheila Sekhar from India tells about her healing journey of faith in Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Georgia Makes It with Help from Caring Souls - Denise Carey-Costa tells the story of Dobermans Georgia's survival through the trials of extreme illness.

What Do You Use To Help Your Body? - Review of Jewel Kats' book for children showing how a young girl Maggie explores the world of disabilities.

Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society Committed to Saving Animals from Death - Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society in Henderson, NC, cares and they works tirelessly to save as many dogs and cats as possible from death.

Teddy Bear Princess by Jewel Kats - Teddy Bear Princess by Jewel Kats gives a great first lesson in the value of friendship and sharing for toddlers.

Jewel Kats to Sign Books at World`s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto - Award-Winning author of empowering books for children Jewel Kats will sign books at World`s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto on August 31st.

Art with Energy - Robert Ford Tells about Aura and Art - Michell Spoden interviews artist Robert Ford about his Energy Aura art.

Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair by Jewel kats - A review of Jewel Kats' empowering book for children with physical disabilities - a modern Cinderella story.

Shadow in Need of Help in Greeneville, South Carolina - Funds are desperately needed for Shadow, a neglected dog in South Carolina that has been saved now and is on road to recovery.

American Bulldog Rescue Facing Financial Crisis Calls for Donations - The Southeast chapter of the American Bulldog Rescue is facing financial crisis and needs donations to maintain its helpful role in saving dogs.

The CIA and Military Transition - Your prior military service could qualify you to continue to serve your nation at the Central Intelligence Agency. Opportunities for qualified applicants are available in the U.S. and abroad.

Ascending Spiral - The Journey of Life Through Time - In 'Ascending Spiral', Dr Bob Rich takes readers on an epic journey older than civilization itself.

Using language as a weapon of mass deception - So what does the word 'legitimate' really mean? Dave Scotese discusses language, authority, and deception.

Crisis in the American Heartland When Rural Communities Face Unique Challenges - Veterans in rural communities face unique challenges, who will step up to help?

Essay Contest - Explaining to People That Taxation Is Theft - Voluntaryism is hosting an essay contest on the topic of explaining taxation as theft.

Saudi Government Destroying Historical Islamic People`s Places - A petition has been launched to stop the Saudi Government from destroying place of historic and religious importance.

Mountain Air: Relapsing and Finding The Way Back... One Breath at a Time - Mountain Air reaches out to individuals who have maintained a life of stability and wellness, but who are eroding over time - and losing their sense of self and of spirit.

Man is Running Out of Food to Feed 400 Rescued Dogs in Serbia - A committed dog rescuer in Serbia is now facing a major crisis over how to feed the dogs he saved.

Lifeline: Interview with author and animal advocate Chris Murphy - Denise Carey-Costa interviews author and animal rights advocate Chris Murphy.

'Deadly Lode' by Randall Reneau Wins Richard Boes Memorial Award - Randall Reneau`s novel Deadly Lode has claimed the 2012 Richard Boes Memorial Award


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