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SOP newswire

Chen Guangcheng Invites Hillary Clinton to Visit Him - Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng spoke to the U.S. Congressional Hearing, asking Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to visit him.

China Releases Chen Guangcheng's Helper from Detention - Chen Guangcheng's rescuer He Peirong has been released from detention and has appeared on media for interview.

Washington Out-of-Touch on Unemployment Problem, Think 69% Young Americans - Generation Opportunity President Paul T. Conway tells April unemployment numbers and what young Americans think of the unemployment issue.

What Happened to Cheerleader Sierra Lamar? So Many Unanswered Questions! - Is it possible that she is with someone she semi-knows, and they are holding her against her will?

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Ieye with 'Easy Mr. Shatty' - Jamaica: Oufah Media Brand New Single: Ieye - 'Easy Mr. Shatty'

Greenpeace Releases 2012 CATO Report - New 'Carting Away the Oceans` report informs consumers on seafood sustainability at American supermarket chains.

Gingrich's Departure Brings Religious Right to a Catch 22 - With Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich out of the Republican presidential primaries, Christian Republicans are in a very interesting position -- one that might even be considered compromising.

EPA Moves Ahead in Implementing 2008 Ozone Standards - Most areas that need to take steps to reduce ozone pollution are close to meeting the standards; only three new areas have been added.

'Suing the Devil' Still on Top of Movies in America - After one month, 'Suing the Devil' is still one of the most watched movies in America.

He Peirong, Chen Guangcheng's Rescuer, Needs to be Rescued - How a petite woman named He Peirong helped escape Chen Guangcheng from the Chinese authorities makes her eligible for own rescue from the dictatorial regime.

An Open Letter to President Obama, Clinton, and Locke - An open letter to President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Ambassador Locke asks for official United States protection to Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng.

Chen Guangcheng`s Escape - A Fugitive or Hero? - Chen Guangcheng risked everything to save women from forced abortion and sterilization in China.

Chinese Lawyer and Women Rights Activist Escapes Illegal Home Detention - Chen Guangcheng's reasonable demand against forced abortion has become the biggest test for Chinese Premier Wen and the Obama Administration.

Free Press Disapproves of Hulu Change - Free Press states that Hulu change to an authentication system is bad news for consumers and competition.

Local and Home Programs helpful in Preventing Summer Learning Loss - 'Summer Matters' campaign provides California Parents with Summer Learning Resources, reminder That Summertime Learning Begins at Home.

No Aborted Fetal Cell Lines for Flavor Enhancers in PepsiCo - Children of God announces end of boycott of PepsiCo after the assurance that it will not use aborted fetal cell lines for flavor enhancers.

The Perfect Mother-Daughter Story in 'The Same Page` - New novel from Courtney Bullard and Shauna Pilgreen tells a riveting mother-daughter story.

Thomas More Society to Defend Religious Leaders against Victimization - Thomas More Society promises a free and aggressive Legal defense to any religious leaders targeted or victimized for the robust exercise of their free speech rights.

CISPA Bill Passed Despite Major Opposition in the House - The House of Representatives voted to pass the controversial cyber-security bill (CISPA) despite major opposition.

Every Third Mom Pretends to Like Mother`s Day Gifts - A new study shows that almost one in three Mothers confess often pretending to like Mother`s Day gifts. So what`s the perfect Mother`s Day gift?


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