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SOP newswire

Shi'ite militias are target of Iraqi crackdown - Over the past days Iraqi security forces have urged fighters in the area to hand over their weapons.

Editor says journalist killer escaped justice - Sergei Sokolov, an editor at Novaya Gazeta, says if representatives of Russia's Federal Security Service and the Moscow Court had held their tongues and not leaked classified information, perhaps the killer would not be abroad but rather sitting in a courtroom.

US-India Nuclear Deal meeting postponed - The proposed nuclear deal would allow India to trade nuclear fuel and technology.

Hamas agrees to stop fighting in Gaza - Israel has agreed to a cease-fire deal with the Palestinian militant group Hamas, to end fighting in and around the Gaza Strip.

Condoleezza Rice pops up in Beirut - Security was extremely tight for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice`s first visit to Beirut since the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah.

Britain sending more troops to Afghanistan - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made the announcement Monday in London at a joint news conference with U.S. President George Bush.

Tim Russert, host of NBC's Meet the Press, has died - Tim was suddenly stricken today while at his post as NBC News Washington Bureau Chief.

Dr. Aveda King says, "Abortion is founded, maintained and promoted with lies." - The case of a pregnant Georgia teen who was pressured into an illegal abortion by her boyfriend's mother is the latest illustration of the lies surrounding abortion.

Economic stimulus package introduced by Chavez - The South American oil-exporting country's inflation rate is the highest in the region, climbing to 31.4 percent last month. 7 Whyte kids launch loving web site for you, dad - Danita Whyte, age 13, led the pack and actually designed the website, as a tribute to their father, national best-selling author, Daniel Whyte III.

Gone are the $2.99/gallon good ol' days - Guy Caruso, head of the U.S. Energy Information Administration, told a Congressional committee that consumers can expect gasoline prices around $4 per gallon through next year.

Plug-in Hybrid wins $30 million from US Department of Energy - The selected projects will accelerate the development of PHEVs capable of traveling up to 40 miles without recharging.

Lebanon turns deaf ear to Israel - The Lebanese government said Wednesday that its disputes with Israel are governed by U.N. Security Council resolutions that are not subject to political negotiations.

Guantanamo Bay prisoners given access to civilian courts - The U.S. Supreme Court justices voted 5-4 that the prisoners held at U.S. naval base in Cuba are entitled to rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Dope seized to the tune of $17 million - The crew of Key Largo took custody of the alleged Puerto Rican smuggler and initially located and recovered approximately 200 bricks of cocaine from the vessel.

Troops in Iraq highlight of Talking with Heroes Internet Special - Bob Calvert, Host of the internationally-heard program, Talking with Heroes, has announced a one-hour Internet special featuring military personnel calling from Iraq this Sunday, June 15, 2008, beginning at 5pm (PST). Don't miss it!

Olympic torch passes through Shangri-la - Security around the flame was extremely tight Wednesday, with police lining the route and keeping watch from the tops of surrounding buildings.

Discovery crew coming home - Crews closed the hatches between the shuttle and the space station Tuesday ahead of Wednesday's undocking.

15 National League for Democracy members freed by Burma - Spokesman for military government, Nyan Win, said Tuesday that all 15 were released Monday night.

Repression running rampant in Iran - Arrests, detention and judicial harassment are common practice. Human rights advocates say journalists, lawyers, students and trade unionists are particularly targeted.


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