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SOP newswire

Police Save Two bear Cubs from Smugglers in Vietnam - Two bear cubs were seized by the police from animal traffickers in northern Vietnam.

Special Protection Sought for Florida`s Largest Bat - With less than 300 of them left in the wild, Florida's largest, rarest bat has been proposed for the Endangered Species Act Protection.

Smart Phones Bring Jesus to People`s Lives - Smart Phones are now a lifeline to Jesus with the new app allowing users to share the gospel with a click.

University of Missouri Holding Exhibition of Hindu Deities in Art - University of Missouri is showcasing Hindu Gods with some centuries old artifacts inviting interest of art lovers.

Hundreds to Demonstrate before White House in Support of Religious Freedom - Demonstrators will gather in front of the White House for 3 days of prayer, rallies, and civil disobedience in support of religious freedom.

Christians in Egypt and Libya Could Face Increased Persecution - The Tuesday attacks on U.S. embassies in Libya and Egypt could have severe consequences for already marginalized Christians in the Middle East and northern Africa.

Catholic Churches Get $1Million in Donations in a Few Months - Online donations made to Catholic churches have made it easy to achieve a lot in a short time span.

David Randolph and Artists Discuss September 11 Impact at the New Way Festival - "What Survives the Worst?" David Randolph asks; artists answer at New Way Fest September 7-9, 2012.

'Indisputable Proof' by Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly - The new thriller from Suspense Publishing takes readers on a worldwide hunt that may lead to humanity`s greatest discovery.

McDonald`s 'Vegetarian Only' Outlets in India - Hindus have warmly received the announcement of McDonald`s 'Vegetarian Only' outlets in India.

Northrop Grumman to Hold Media Briefings for AFA Annual Air & Space Conference - Northrop Grumman will jointly hold media briefings with Air Force Association's (AFA's) 2012 Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition.

Plan for U.S. Capitulation in Motion - Has Obama a racial agenda for the U.S. reserved for Part II of his reign? David Martin takes a quick peek inside the state of political affairs in US.

Majority Young Women Feel Poor Economy Impacts Daily Life - 90 Percent of Young Women Say the Poor Economy Impacts Daily Life and only 37 percent of Millennial women say today's leaders represent their interests.

What Makes Uncle Sam Snub Separation of Church and State? - David Martin takes a critical look at the pro-abortion agencies and their political intimidation for President Obama. Student Group to Launch Venture Capital Lecture Series -, a student group at Washington University in St. Louis, is launching a venture capital-oriented lecture series.

Do Not Attack Iran: Ensure Peace in the Middle East - Mr Netanyahu, I will be as succinct as it is possible to be within the English language:

Pepper, the Homeless Mexican Dog, Finds Forever Home in Northern California - Homeless dog that survived on the streets of New Mexico for 7 months is finally getting a forever home in Northern California.

EX Chief of Guatemala Police arrested in Geneva for Extrajudicial killings - Erwin Sperisen of the National Police of Guatemala has been arrested in Switzerland for extrajudicial killings.

New Documentary Records the Inspiring Story of 9/11 Survivor - Leslie Haskin's story of escape from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, brings hope to survivors of trauma.

Study Finds Increased College Enrollment for School Voucher Recipients - Brookings Institution and Harvard University research shows notable increase in college enrollment for African American students.


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