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SOP newswire

Invitation to NASA Earth Day celebration - NASA centers across America will roll out the green carpet April 22 to celebrate Earth Day.

Iraq suffers loss of 49 to suicide bomber - Police sources say the bomber blew himself up Thursday in a village near Kirkuk.

Holocaust Survivors get helping hand from Hollywood - Veteran actress/director learned that throughout Eastern Europe, there are elderly survivors of the Jewish villages or shtetls that were destroyed by the Nazis.

Mahmoud Abbas condemns Israel's millitary operations - Wednesday's death toll is the highest since the Israeli military offensive in early March that killed more than 120 Gazans.

Orion completes first full-scale rocket motor test - NASA's Constellation Program's Orion spacecraft will be America's next human spacecraft,

Mahmoud Yassin joins cast of hunger fighters - Beloved Egyptian actor appeals for urgent funds to feed Iraqi refugees.

Choose wisely-- divorce, single-parenthood ain't cheap - Four renown policy and research groups identify national, state and local costs of more than $1 Trillion in the last decade.

American majority opposes Clean Water Restoration Act - 'The Clean Water Restoration Act would submit nearly every drop of water in the United States to federal regulation.'

President Bush considers counsel of Pope Benedict - The pope spoke more about democracy than about religion; President Bush spoke primarily about religious freedom.

Nepali nationalist diaspora celebrates Dr. Shanshank Koirala - He is the sole torch bearer of the Koirala dynasty in Nepali Congress and represents the legacy of Nepal's only revered leader, the great B. P. Koirala, the first elected prime minister.

NATO-Russia brainstorm to counter narcotics - The meeting involved representatives and experts from donor nations and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Pro-Life Demonstration on tap tonight in Philadelphia - The demonstration is part of a national campaign to expose the radical pro-abortion policies of both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton.

Food Flows in Port-au-Prince - Until the weekend, beneficiaries, especially children, will be given rice, beans, sugar and oil.

Senator McCain, are you up to the Conservative Challenge? - The problems conservatives have with presumptive Republican presidential candidate John McCain include matters of policy, personnel and insight.

Michigan author pens timeless new fiction - 'Discovering Abigail Rutherford' places you in this Grand Rapids society at the peak of the furniture industry.

Rule of Law is Key to Global Development Goals - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has called on countries to give priority to the rule of law.

Israeli Officials deny Carter request to visit Gaza Strip - Israel cannot understand how Mr. Carter's talks with the leader of Hamas, which is committed to Israel's destruction, can help the cause of peace.

Pope Benedict welcomed by American Muslims - 'It is the desire for harmony and goodwill between faiths that leads American Muslim leaders to welcome the pope and to meet with him during his visit to our nation.'

Refugees Receive UN Help to Survive Fire - The agency has distributed mats, blankets, kitchen sets and jerry cans to some 2,130 refugees from Sudan's war-torn Darfur region.

NASA welcomes Stephen Hawking to Lecture Series - Reporters are welcome to attend the invitation only session, but NASA will air program LIVE.


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