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SOP newswire

Petition from Toddler`s Mom for Selling Antibiotic-Free Meat Gets Big Response - Mom`s petition calls on Trader Joe`s to stop the spread of antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs' by banning meat from animals fed antibiotics.

Police Chiefs Applauded by AUVSI for Adopting Safety Guidelines for Unmanned Aircraft - AUVSI has applauded police chiefs for adopting guidelines for the safe and responsible use of unmanned aircraft.

XCOR Partners with Uwingu - XCOR has become corporate sponsor of Uwingu, a space apps company.

Hindu Statesman Asks for Restoration of Water Supply to Gypsies in Bulgaria - Hindus want water supply of poor Gypsy families restored in Bulgaria.

Petition Gets 250,000 Plus Signatures in Two Months - Tea Party, liberty groups continue to fight ballot corruption under Mission Banner: Operation Lost Vote.

'Restless Heart' Premiere Set for August 29 - The first feature film on St. Augustine will debut at showcase Catholic media event this month.

Over Ten Thousand Churches Commit to Bringing Folks Back to Church - An expected 14,000 congregations are to participate in National Back to Church Sunday this Sepembet.

NPP Condemns House Arrest of Kashmiri Muslim Leaders - NPP Chief condemns house arrests of Hurriyat leaders, restraining them to pray on Eid.

Cash Offered for Watching Animal Cruelty Video - Animal rights group offers cash to watch four-minute video of animal cruelty outside USDA headquarters.

Averting the Nuclear War The Role of Russia and the Church - In 1917, the year of the Bolshevik uprising, the Blessed Virgin appeared at Fatima, Portugal, and warned of the annihilation of nations that would come if Russia

Reforms Proposed for Medicare - As primary care physicians are leaving Medicare, a new paper proposes reforms to get over the problems faced by physicians.

Yoga Helps Understand Gospel, Say Mormons - On Mormon Channel Radio, a yoga instructor claimed that yoga increases one`s understanding of gospel.

A Relative Truth in the Age of Cheats: the Olympics? - Is it cheating to lie about your opponent? John Graves sheds light on an important ethical issue in sports.

Americans Concerned about Impending Drought - Water and how to protect it in the face of worsening drought conditions is now a hot topic across America.

PP Chief Warns Youth Against Foreign Conspiracy to Destabilize India - Prof. Bhim Singh of India`s National Panthers Party asks youth and politicians to beware of India`s enemies.

NPP Extends Eid Greetings to All Muslims! - Prof. Bhim Singh of NPP, India, greets Muslims around the world a happy Eid festival.

CAIR Wants FBI to Probe Firebomb Attack on Fla. Muslim Family - The Council on American-Islamic Relations wants FBI to investigate hate crime of an alleged firebomb attack on a Muslim family's home in Florida.

Hindu Prayers Start day for Seaside City Council, CA - Seaside City Council in California starts the day with Hindu prayer for the first time.

Romney Pairs with Paul Ryan for November elections - Mitt Romney has selected congressional Personhood co-sponsor Paul Ryan as running mate for the November election.

Northrop Grumman Wins Rating of Reasonable Assurance - Northrop Grumman Receives highest assurance for accuracy of its greenhouse gas emissions inventory.


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