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SOP newswire

CBS show 'Big Brother' slams the disabled - Lowe's announced that they are pulling their advertising because of the use of a slur against persons with disabilities by one of the contestants.

Kofi Annan praised by Ban Ki-moon - UN Secretary-General hailed the leadership of his predessor in the mediation efforts to bring an end to two months of violence in Kenya.

Israel becomes target of United Methodist Church Groups - 'Israel is unremittingly portrayed as the chief obstacle to Middle East peace by these radicalized United Methodist groups.'

Kelly Ayer Unveils Iconography Website - Lovers of this precious art form are excited to learn that Kelly has launched her exquisite website,

Obama: Christian or Muslim? - Barack Obama's religious identity is explored in a new video blog posting called Faith and Action Live! which will post today.

John McCain benefits from Huckabee surrender - Chuck Winn offers insight and advise to Republican base.

War criminal transferred to Denmark - In 2004, Radoslav Brdanin was convicted by the ICTY of the wilful killing, torture and persecution of non-Serbs.

10 confirmed dead following helicopter crash in Nepal - The United Nations confirmed that seven of its staff and three crew members died when one of its helicopters crashed in eastern Nepal Monday.

Maternal Health Biggest Challenge Facing Afghan Women - Mr. Penumaka noted that 1,600 out of every 100,000 women that give birth die in the process.

Maternal Health Biggest Challenge Facing Afghan Women - Mr. Penumaka noted that 1,600 out of every 100,000 women that give birth die in the process.

Rice continues Middle East Shuffle - She met today with Palestinians; now on her way to Israel.

Rice continues Middle East Peace Shuffle - She met with Palestinians; now on her way to Israel

Iranians sentence journalist Parnaz Azima - 'Tried and convicted in absentia, Ms. Azima has done nothing more than report the news,' said James K. Glassman, Chairman of the BBG.

Lebanon stability threatened says Ban Ki-Moon - Lebanon has remained in the grip of an intense political crisis which has shut down the work of key State institutions.

Launch of Jules Verne scheduled LIVE - Liftoff of the ATV on an Ariane 5 rocket is set for 10:04 p.m. CST.

Health of Children concentration of EPA 10-year Study - The STAR children's health program has impacted policy in the United States and influenced scientific directions internationally.

Got Dysfunction? Come sit by me. - 'Stuck in a Small World' likens doing family to being stuck on a theme-park ride at Disneyland.

Noah, the Ark and wood on Mt. Ararat - For the last four centuries an almost overwhelming tradition has developed, that the Ark of Noah landed ON Mount Ararat.

Cloud Ten Pictures buys Smuggler's Ransom - Cloud Ten will be releasing the film nationally on June 6th through its Cloud Ten Church Cinemas program.

Emergency meeting called by OAS - The Organization of American States will attempt to peacefully resolve a dispute involving Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.


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