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Carolee Kaufold

Helping Hands - To all the people who do silent acts of kindness, Thank You! One by one we can change us, and the family and the friends we have.

If only I could be on ABC's Dancing with the Stars-- Is it possible for this old gal? - When I was ten, I told my parents I wanted to dance on Broadway. Therefore, my mom sent me to dancing school. I tapped and learned ballet.

He and She - What makes a relationship work? Respect? Trust? Love? Humor? All of these things. It is a touch, and look.

Men Make Marvelous Moments Memorable; Life Lovelier - The men we know are happy to come home to beef stew, kids bikes in the driveway and the newspaper already read. Our men will say grace at the table, carve the turkey and clear the table.

Real Women: More than meets the eye - A women's touch can cure any aliment. A hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. She can make a romantic evening unforgettable. They can bring out the best in their husband, children and friends.

Promises and Principles of Marriage - The day you marry is the beginning of a life filled with goals, dreams, wishes, hopes and happiness. Most days will be filled with answers to your prayers. Make your life together shine.

Separation of Church from State. Isn't that a Contradiction? - One Nation under God? How can we believe that God is holding us in His hand and guiding us then make our own rules and regulations?

Daffodils-- One Story About A Special Gift For One Special Mom - After our children were born, we would spend Easter with Thom's parents and he would give his mom a live plant with Daffodils.

I Have Taken A Journey - Over the past few months, I have taken a journey. It was to rest and relaxation. A small island in my mind.

Sitting by the Ocean - Sitting looking at the sea could be my ideal occupation. Listening to the waves hit the shore, seem to calm my soul.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Camp I Go - I was a ten-year-old only child! My parents worked very hard to make our life better each day. Every time we moved, it was always to a better apartment.

Create a Commercial Advertising Your Life - We all have within us a tremendous capacity to change the lives of others. Document the difference you have made.

The Everyday Survivors We Know - As I watched the rats, sneaks, and sand in the bathing suites , I thought about my friends and family. I wondered who among them would do that? I doubt many would.

Ham Sandwiches and Little Lulu Comic Books - My mother was never openly affectionate. She did love me, I have no doubt. She never came right out and said so. She would do things for me in a quiet way.

Carolee in Wonderland - Tears to triumph, blues to blossoms and lemons to lemonade-- bring out those rose colored glasses, sit in the sun and soak in our wonderful world.

Women - The power of being a women


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