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Published:March 1st, 2009 20:33 EST
Lori Heuring, in The Poker Club

Lori Heuring, in The Poker Club

By Mimi Amaral

     An ambitious, talented actress that is not afraid to challenge herself to perfect the characters that she portrays. Known for her many rolls on the big screen and in television, Lori is now co-starring next to Johnathon Schaech in The Poker Club; release date April 21, 2009.  

Lori Heuring, actress

     Lori`s character, Jan Tyler, is faced with trials of deceit, betrayal, and emotional challenges throughout this suspenseful thriller. When asked to describe the movie she said, The movie is about loss, control and companionship. It also expresses how the small, thinly-veiled lies we tell can weave their way into something vast and dark. "

     During the interview Lori expressed her appreciation for the entire cast and crew, and a special high regard for her co-star Johnathon Schaech, Whenever we are discussing the story, or what our character`s would or won`t do there`s nothing we can`t say to each other. " The Poker Club is the 4th film that Schaech and she had worked on together, He and I always joke ".He`s been my brother, my fiancé, my husband; he`s threatened to kill me, has killed me, has loved and hated me. You know ".. Just like family. "  Just listening to Lori express her respect for her fellow actor, and her appreciation for everyone involved with the movie, one can tell she is a golden, grounded human being.  

     Some of Lori`s favorite classic movies consist of: Raging Bull, To Have and Have not, The Big Red One, and Five Easy Pieces. " She, also, aspires to stretch and expand her characters across the gamut, and desires to work with, Werner Herzog, Terrence Malick, Wayne Kramer, Darren Aronofsky, and the list goes on. " 

    But Lori`s story does not start and stop with movies. Not only has she been a successful actress and model, this beautiful blonde haired, 5`7 ", actress holds an Honor`s Business degree from the University of Texas. While in Texas, and visiting family, Lori says food and music are at the top of her to do list, County Line BBQ, Hyde Park Bar and Grill, and Chuy`s tex-mex are very cool places and I hit them every time I go home. "

     This will not be the last time we hear from the talented actress, Lori Heuring, so go to her personal website to follow her upcoming projects, aspirations, and read about the charity she supports: St. Judes Children`s Hospital.