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Published:March 29th, 2009 13:30 EST
Armless Bandits: Leave You Penniless and Unhappy

Armless Bandits: Leave You Penniless and Unhappy

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

One-armed-bandits "left their places to Armless Bandits" featuring very interesting games which can entertain all kinds of people, even the intellectuals. 

Slot machines whose programs cost millions of dollars, to ensure that they rob the players of their money, with interesting games, are a national hazard in most countries. People don`t only loose their money playing these machines (must loose their money, so the owner can make profit), but also their health, as loosing money is very depressing.

Machines are programmed so creatively, their interesting games are capable to attract the rich and the poor, the wise and the unwise alike, to play and spend an exciting time loosing all of their money and feeling bad thereafter.

There are cities devoted to this industry in the entire world, although in some countries these machines are forbidden. Pleasure cruise boats are full of these armless bandits. There is hardly a pub or a restaurant or coffee-joint without them.

Many start playing with a small sum, but can not avoid continuing, as there are very many exciting and interesting games on the same machine or on the next machines. Soon, playing on them becomes a habit and one looses a considerable sum of money at the end.

If one is rich and has an income, half of which one can save every month, it is perhaps all right to spend a little bit on these machines, like going to a movie or a concert or having a few drinks, but one must be aware that continuous playing will definitely result in one`s loosing, as the owners have not placed these machines to distribute money to people, at their own loss.

Instead of playing these slot machines continuously, and loosing a wealth, it is better to throw a few bucks and play  lotto, where one has a chance, though very small, to become a millionaire, which one doesn`t have with the slot machines.

Gambling casinos make everything imaginable to attract people to play these armless bandits.  A glamorous social atmosphere which makes it possible to meet people also; sometimes free food and drinks and sometimes a few machines which give jackpot after jackpot against hundreds of machines which only take and take your money, attract people to these casinos.

One must think twice before one goes near these armless bandits. If not in short term, they have the capacity to rob you of your wealth in the long term.

One must think of his budget and priorities for spending. Playing these machines have often the lowest priority, as one needs his money for far more important things than for a few hours of pleasure, which leaves you penniless and unhappy afterwards.

In some countries, Turkey for example, these slot machines are forbidden now after they have robbed the people for a long time. Five star hotels had usually casinos filled up with these machines, which offered open buffets of exquisite meals and drinks to attract people.

Such casinos are now prohibited in Turkey. However neighbouring countries like Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, as one example, continued with their venture in this line, offering people from Turkey very low priced air-tickets to visit their casinos. 

In Sweden, these bandit machines were made forbidden when the Socialist party was in power.

Later, they were made free again and now they fill every restaurant, pub, newly opened casinos and cruise ships and rob people of their moneys. Some families have lost their entire savings on these machines, newspapers reported. The situation is the same in all other countries except a few Muslim countries. Gambling " has become a major industry  in the world, when half the world is suffering hunger and diseases and wars or terrorism.

Political speeches, programs do not seem to include fighting gambling "which is just as harmful for the human health, as narcotics or smoking, besides being an economic hazard. 


Askin Ozcan is a writer with,,  and is the author of six published books : STOCKHOLM STORIES, WISDOM IN SMILE, SMALL MIRACLES, THE SECOND VENICE, THE MINI-SUBMARINE, LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES which are available at 200 internet bookshops and via 25.000 bookstores. 









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