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Published:November 10th, 2009 13:28 EST
The Only Red Dog System You'll Never Need

The Only Red Dog System You'll Never Need

By Geoff Dean

 When people think of gambling and Las Vegas, craps or roulette or black jack as well as showgirls and high rollers probably come to mind. Red Dog is probably down the list or not even on it. I have never seen James Bond or anyone else on the big screen playing Red Dog and have only seen it a few times in Vegas, itself. This is a shame because while it is not the most exciting game or the one that gives you the best chance of winning, it is the only Las Vegas gambling game that involves a cheap plastic dog toy on the felt table.

 My personal experience with Red Dog has largely come at the cleverly named (if you drink enough, you`ll see what I mean) Slots O` Fun, next to the Circus Circus. I mean this not as a testimonial for the casino but merely point it out as there are few places where the game is played (I believe the Tropicana is another).

 The game is deceptively simple. The gambler places a bet, usually one dollar minimum. The dealer turns up two cards and asuming they are not consecutive, the bettor can double his/her bet. The bet is whether the next card will fall between the two previously turned up. For instance, if the first two cards are a seven and a ten, the third card needs to be an eight or nine. The wider the gap, the more likely to fall in between. As if the reader couldn`t figure that out. The smaller the gap, the greater the odds. If the cards are consecutive, the dealer deals a new pair. If the cards are the same, you can win if the third card is also the same, at long odds. But you won`t.

 Before I give you the rules, as I stated in my award winning Keno advice (not to brag but I got the Nobel Prize for Gambling), these rules do not guarantee success. After all, no matter what people claim in various books and online, there are no surefire strategies. If there were, Las Vegas hotels would not keep expanding and there would be a lot of elderly millionaires. Think of gambling as a game, play within your means, and consider winning good fortune, not a good system. Otherwise, DO NOT PLAY! (I hope I wasn`t too loud on that one.)

 Rule 1-Never play Red Dog

Rule 2-If you fail on Rule 1, follow the rules below.

Rule 3- Set a clear limit of wins or losses (I recomend three in a row either way as a  good stopping point) and keep the limit stringently

Rule 4- Double your bet only when the gap is nine cards or more (i.e. two and Jack, three and Queen)

Rule 5-If you win a long odds hand (i.e. a seven comes up between a six and eight or the dealer turns up three of the same card), quit immediately. This will not occur again. You are ahead now but if you keep playing, this will be lost.

Rule 6-Never play if the dealer has a moustache (OK, I`m superstitious and prejudiced. Your point?)

Rule 7-Never touch the plastic dog. Just trust me on this one.

 You might wonder why anyone would play such an obscure game with so little chance of winning. If you feel so, please see Rule 1. Still, there is an peculiar satisfaction in playing a Las Vegas game that even most serious gamblers have never heard of, like Chuck-A-Luck or Red Dog. And you will probably have the table mostly to yourself. And then there`s that cute plastic dog....