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Published:November 23rd, 2009 23:00 EST
Horse Racing

The Only Horse Racing System You'll Never Need

By Geoff Dean

 Four out of five dentists surveyed recommend horse racing for their patients who gamble (Disclaimer-I just made that up). Seriously though, if you must gamble, what could be a better way to satisfy the urge than horse racing. The fresh air, the horses rushing intently, sweat glistening in the sunshine, the smell of the turf, the jockeys and their colors, the clever if sometimes incomprehensible horses` names. Gambling as a "gentlemanly" (no sexism intended) pursuit. Class and sophistication. Erudition, even. Now if only I could win, now and then.

Horse Racing

 Many people use a racing form. They pore intently over the details, scribes with their scriptures, trying to tease out the winner from the information provided. I have often wondered if these researchers do better than the rest of us. I suppose I could have asked one or two but that would require some ambition and initiative so I will judge some books by their covers. Why is that the people who intently peruse the racing form tend to look like yesterday`s leftovers, if you will?

 I propose that the racing form will not help you in the least. If it did, if picking the daily picks was the fast track to success, if there was some detail that revealed the winner, people would have found out long ago and put the tracks out of business. Sorry racing fans, but this is gambling, not an investment strategy.

 Is there no hope? I have a system that guarantees success 78% of the time. (Disclaimer 2-This may not apply in some areas, such as the real world). It`s simple, as simple as the man writing this article.

Rule 1-Pick the two longshots to win. (Just look them up on the odds board)

Rule 2-Wait until just before post time to place your bet (odds change dramatically and suddenly)

Rule 3- Bet two dollars on each longshot you choose.

Rule 4-Bet in every race.

Following this system, there are three or four potential results. One is that you will lose every time. If there have been 12 races, you will be out $48. If you hit one longshot, you will be just about even. If you hit two or more, you will be on the plus side for the day.

 I tried this approach in my last horse racing venture and hit one longshot all day, but it came in for $220 (it was really a long longshot). Which just goes to show, well, nothing. Except that you have a chance to win, which with gambling, is the best you can ever hope for, whatever system you choose to use.

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