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Published:September 24th, 2010 14:46 EST
bank robber

Psycho Mom Robs Bank, Picks Up Daughters From School On Way Home

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Oregon said they arrested a woman who allegedly robbed a bank and then picked her daughters up from elementary school on the way home." - UPI

Hmm... A few questions come to mind:

bank robber

Couldn`t she have scheduled her bank robbery for a day when she didn`t have any other errands to run? "PTA meeting at ten in the morning, pick up laundry at 11:30, rob bank at 2:00, pick up kids from school at 2:30. I`d better schedule the bank robbery for Friday.

  • Was the bank robbery a spur-of-the-moment madness? Gee, there`s a bank, maybe I should rob it so I can buy my daughters new school clothes!

  • Did the daughters notice anything strange about their mother when she picked them up? Mommy why do you have red dye all over your hands? Mommy is it Halloween? Why are you wearing a mask?

  • Didn`t the crazy woman realize that she needed to go home as quickly as possible, before the cops pulled her over and found all the loot in her car?

    The woman was arrested, and the daughters were turned over to the Department of Human Services.

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