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Published:September 25th, 2010 12:29 EST
eddie long

Black Celebs Got Bishop Eddie Long's Back

By Robert Paul Reyes


"While embattled Bishop Eddie Long has failed to address allegations, beyond a statement read by his attorney Thursday, that have not only rocked a community but the world, as far away as New Zealand, Gospel and R&B acts have spoken out. Not exactly concluding his guilt or innocence, Award-winning acts including Mary Mary and Marvin Sapp are asking those who are quick to condemn to stop, listen, and pray.

eddie long

`Be quiet and pray for Bishop Eddie Long,` Mary Mary told fans earlier this week, echoing a message written by `Never Would Have Made It` and "Best In Me" singer Marvin Sapp." Read More

Once again black celebrities have come to the defense of a prominent black person who is engulfed in a scandal of his own making. It`s a Pavlovian response with too many African Americans: Stand bay an African American who does wrong, regardless how despicable his crimes.

Bishop Eddie Long used his position of power and authority to coerce boys as young as 14 to have sex with him.

Having sex with young boys isn`t the televangelist`s only transgression; he has also been accused of misappropriating church funds.

Not to mention that Long is a self-loathing homosexual who is virulently anti-gay. He has done untold harm to his gay brothers and sisters.

Everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion should condemn the actions of Bishop Long.

But these namby-pamby black celebs make excuses for Long, and plead for sympathy and understanding for the beleaguered pastor.

Mary Mary pleads for her fans to pray for Long. Mary Mary should ask her fans to pray for the young boys who were sexually molested by the disgraced preacher. If Mary Mary`s child was molested by a preacher, how would she feel if people told her to "be quiet?"

Mary Mary and her ilk leave us shaking our heads at the pathology of some blacks who instinctively defend one of their own even if he is a monster in human flesh.

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