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Published:September 26th, 2010 14:33 EST
eddie long

Black Ministers Afraid To Speak Out Against Eddie Long

By Robert Paul Reyes

Anti-gay Bishop Eddie Long is accused of using his moral authority as a pastor to sexually abuse four (and counting) male members of his congregation who were teens at the time. Long lured his young impressionable victims with trips, vehicles and money.

eddie long

The age of consent in Atlanta is 16, if Long had sex with any boys who were younger than 16 he should be prosecuted.

It`s not clear at this point if Long can be criminally prosecuted, but it`s abundantly clear that Long has made a mockery of his calling as a spiritual leader.

Long`s colleagues in the ministry should offer support and prayers to the victims, and express shock and outrage at Long`s scandalous behavior.

A group of black ministers from the Atlanta area got together to discus the scandal, and one of the leaders addressed the media and declared: We prayed over the situation. Pastor Jasper Williams, Jr. also heaped praise on Eddie Long, stating that Long has done a lot for the community.

Is this the best these ecclesiastical clowns can come up with? These ministers are a disgrace to their religion and race.

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