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Published:September 26th, 2010 13:13 EST
Man Becomes Human Paintball to Ward off Taser by Police

Man Becomes Human Paintball to Ward off Taser by Police

By Ron G Anselm

When we look at some of the events that have been in the media lately you have to admit the recent media events we have heard about have been dealing with some very dumb people lately, no I am not talking about Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton when I use the term Dumb, although mentioning those two the term dumb applies automatically, I am talking about the man in Wyoming that had to have been on crack or some chemical that would impair his ability to think.

A man decided to douse himself in white latex paint to be ready for police when they arrived on a domestic violence call. He thought that if he became a human paint ball or should I say a human queue ball (you know the ball you use to shoot at other balls to sink in pockets when playing pool) that he could say to police, Hey, if you hit me with that Taser Gun, I will surely die! Nope! Not to be.

As police arrived on scene and saw the walking snow ball coming at them, they warned him a couple of times before they basically said, Well. Guess what? The paint will have no effect on you and will not be harmful if we zap you. So, with that Zap!, here comes fifty-thousand volts of power and suddenly the human snow ball melted to the ground.

Police subdued him in handcuffs and the man faces multiple charges and the only thing that happened was the police officers uniforms had to make a trip to the local dry cleaners. Maybe next time instead of dousing himself in pant he should take a dive in the local sewer, I think that would ward off anything and prevent himself from being arrested at least for a while!