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Published:September 27th, 2010 11:29 EST
Bank Robbers Use Creativity to Rob A Bank of America in Florida

Bank Robbers Use Creativity to Rob A Bank of America in Florida

By Ron G Anselm


     I think criminals are either getting smarter or maybe getting more creative to performing many of their crimes they commit now days. In this case, I think these three guys that committed the robbery must have been watching too many movies or episodes of CSI because the way they pulled this robbery off reminds me of some of the plots and scenarios I have seen in the past on CSI or some of the past movies I have watched.

     Three bank robbers wearing black ski masks took a Bank of America Teller hostage along with his father at the teller`s home in the suburban Kendall Florida area Friday. The excitement began when the three burst into the teller`s apartment shortly after midnight demanding the teller steal money from the Bank of America he worked at.

     They held the two hostage for seven hours in the apartment to wait for the next morning to come when the teller normally opens the Bank of America branch near the University of Miami campus.  As the teller went to open the branch the next morning, one of the robbers stayed with the tellers father while the other two played escort to the teller and waited outside while the teller went in to the branch to perform his normal duties with one added duty assigned by the three robbers, steal us money "!

     Before the teller went inside the branch the two robbers strapped what they called a bomb to the teller`s body and told him that they had the trigger device. They told the teller to get as much money as he could and bring the stolen money out to them.

     The teller went in to the branch and took an undisclosed amount of money and brought it out to the two robbers which after taking the money from the teller took off in the tellers red 1998 Ford Mustang. Wow, talk about bad luck, have to go into your place of work, steal money with what is supposedly a bomb strapped to your body and then have your nice Red Ford Mustang stolen all at the same time? I think I would rather go to the local Wal-Mart, buy a cheap television and smash it over my head then to go through something like this.

     The news of the robbery traveled fast and set off a huge response by heavily armed police and also shut down a part of U.S. Route 1 which basically connects Key West with the outer part of Miami right at Homestead, Florida.

     The police went into the bank and removed the bomb from the shirtless teller who was led out of the bank; neither the teller nor his father was injured in the drama. The investigation is still ongoing to determine whether this was a so called real " bomb or just a fake.

     The police have questioned a few suspects but have not found the guilty party as of yet. I guess CBS will have to quit airing episodes with drama like this in them. Criminals are starting to take note of the nightly sitcom plots and using the scenarios to act out real-life scenarios or maybe instead of airing episodes with just straight everyday crimes plots, put a little comedy spin of these types of plots and have three bank robbers rob a Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant dressed as three Colonial Sanders characters!