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Published:September 27th, 2010 11:42 EST
JKNPP: Prof Bhim Singh Discharged from Hospital

JKNPP: Prof Bhim Singh Discharged from Hospital

By SOP newswire2

Prof Bhim Singh Chairman JKNPP and Member NIC who was  discharged from Hospital( AIIMS) this afternoon made a scathing  attack on the  Union Home Minister`s so called Relief Package to the people of the bleeding Valley as a token of solace to help fuel oxygen to the sinking Chief Minister who has lost right to head the Govt even for a moment. He said that the Home Minister neither the  Central Council of Minister  could save the Chief minister from the  pending disaster that awaits him in the corridor of power with hundreds of such packages as the  youth have been fighting to see ouster of the Chief Minister.


What a great cheating that the Union Home Minister is acting now as the "Defacto Chief Minister` . All the "holy` eight commandments that Home Minister has issued from Delhi were within the Competence of the Chief Minister to act and he did not need any advise from the center.


The Panthers Party Chief said that Lacs of the people are suffering due to curfews and guns. What about their relif. About the Parliament  delegation to Kashmir, he said that this was the lost drams enacted  to rescue the  drowning man who should have been taught swimming first. On the one hand the Govt  continues curfew and  is asking the Children to go to schools, Stupid.


About Jammu , the Panthers Chief Said that both NC and Congress  have been responsible for the denial of justice to the refugees, migrants and ST which is evident again that the so called delegation did not care to meet the legitimate representatives of the POK  and Pak refugees, the migrants. Nearly 12 lacs of them have starving in the lanes and streets of Jammu for decades.  Highly educated Youth of Jammu  were not even heard. Kashmiri unemployed have created Job for them , Jammu boys have yet to learn form the Kashmiris,the Art of living.


Prof Bhim Singh said  the eschelons of power  wanted to give lease of political life to their  favourite CM  till 30th Sept 2010, the judgement day for that they deseve a pat.

Prof Bhim Singh  said that that the MLAs shall prove their mettle on that   day to respond to the wishesof the people.


Sudesh Dogra

Political Secretary