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Published:September 28th, 2010 19:39 EST
amy winehouse

Quincy Jones: Amy Winehouse Is A Smart Little Girl! Say What?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Quincy Jones has described Amy Winehouse as a "smart little girl".

The legendary producer, who recruited the `Back To Black` star to feature on his forthcoming covers album, said that he admires the singer for overcoming her long battle with drugs.

amy winehouse

He told Rolling Stone: "She`s a smart little girl. What can I say, man? Nobody sounds like her.

Winehouse features on the track `It`s My Party`, which was co-produced by Mark Ronson." Read More

Quincy Jones, 77, is senile. Nobody in his right mind would call Amy Winehouse a "smart little girl."

Quincy admires Wino for "overcoming her long battle with drugs." Earth to Quincy: The troubled singer`s erratic behavior is proof that she`s still under the bondage of drugs and alcohol.

Quincy also exclaimed, "She`s from another planet." Nobody would argue with the renowned record producer on that score.

The "smart little girl" is probably laughing her fool head off at Quincy`s stupidity.

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