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Published:September 28th, 2010 19:24 EST

Teacher Is A Former Prostitute, So What!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Tattooed Melissa Petro, 30, who says she has a fine arts masters degree in creative non-fiction from The New School and works as an art teacher in a Bronx elementary school, posted an essay this month revealing she is a `former sex worker,` the New York Post reported Monday.


Some parents of her pupils say they are not happy their children are being taught by a former sex worker.

`I don`t want nobody that used to do that to be around my kid,` said Grace Ventura, whose son is in third grade. `People like that should not be allowed to be anywhere near children.` UPI

Let`s cut Melissa some slack, with a fine arts masters degree in creative non-fiction, her options are limited, it`s either teach school or turn a few tricks.

Melissa revealed she`s is a former sex worker, the operative word being "former." Melissa isn`t extending recess to an hour so she can service a couple of customers.

Melissa`s employment history shouldn`t be the parents concern. I`m sure most male teachers, at one time or another, have frequented a prostitute. What`s the difference?

"I don`t want nobody that used to do that to be around my kid", one parent complained. The parent might benefit from having the teacher around her, she might learn that using a double negative makes you look like a fool.

Melissa has been reassigned to administrative duties until the issue is resolved.

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