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Published:October 2nd, 2010 14:53 EST
eddie long

Bishop Eddie Long: I'm David Fighting Goliath! Say What?

By Robert Paul Reyes

After four young men accused Eddie Long of using money, jewelry and cars to coerce them into having sex when they were teenagers, the televangelist compared himself to the biblical David fighting Goliath, asserting, "I have five rocks and I haven`t thrown one yet."

eddie long

Long needs to stop trying on different toupees and become acquainted with the Bible, it`s Goliath not David who had all the power.

Long has an army of 25,000 church members that he can rally to do his will, a cadre of lawyers who vet his every word, millions in the bank, and scores of politicians at his beck and call.

The bishop`s young accusers aren`t wealthy, don`t have any experience dealing with the media, and they don`t have any politicians in their hip pocket.

It`s Eddie Long who is Goliath,, and he has much more than five rocks to deal with his accusers. Long can use his power, prestige, and pulpit to steamroll his victims.

I guess any televangelist who has the audacity to wear more bling than Mr. T, and has the chutzpah to wear the most ridiculous toupee that ever sat on a man`s bald head, will also have the nerve to compare himself to David.

Like Goliath of old, Eddie Long will be brought down. Truth and righteousness will prevail!

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