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Published:October 2nd, 2010 01:26 EST
eddie long

Bishop Eddie Long Vows Never To Step Down From Pulpit

By Robert Paul Reyes

A defiant Bishop Eddie Long vowed that he would stay on as pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to the thunderous applause of his congregation.

In a none too subtle hint that Long wouldn`t ratchet down his flamboyant personality, he was sporting his trademark Jheri curl toupee, and wearing a skintight T-shirt.

eddie long

Long was a whirling dervish on stage, hooting and hollering to the delight of his fawning congregation.

A pimp ain`t gonna give up his stable of ho`s because he gets busted a couple of times, and a televangelist isn`t going to abandon his lucrative gig over allegations of sexual impropriety.

I`m a firm believer that people get the kind of leadership that they deserve, and the good folks of New Birth deserve a con artist as their pastor.

The members of New Birth adore and revere Long because he represents what they aspire to be: A filthy rich individual who scoffs at man`s law and scorns God`s law.

The pimp of New Birth and his congregation of ho`s deserve each other.

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